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Conservative in Name Only: Liz Truss Unleashes Catastrophic Socialist Agenda on Beleaguered Brits

In office less than 24 hours and we have already seen a worrying amount of Socialist Ideology from Liz Truss and it's about to get much, much worse.

Within hours of her appointment, Liz Truss had set the tone for her premiership. So much diversity, and socialist ideology that she may as well have unfurled a Hammer and Sickle out the window of number 10.

Diversity, and not competence, became the most important consideration when appointing her cabinet. Her very first act after meeting the Queen (after once calling for the Monarchy to be abolished) was to make the other three great offices of state all held by ethnic minorities: Kwasi Kwarteng as Chancellor; James Cleverly as Foreign Secretary and Suella Braverman as home secretary effectively made a mockery of the British institution. Britain doesn't have a single white man in the four great offices of state for the first time ever. Diversity, and not competency became the most important consideration when appointing her (Conservative) cabinet.

Whilst the new Health Secretary is the very definition of unhealthy. A morbidly Obese, chain-smoking harradon whose only qualification for the job appears to be that she looks like every other NHS manager on the payroll. Therese Coffey's appointment gives the real prospect of lockdowns returning having voted for every single one, and is on record as saying that we should have locked down sooner and harder than we did.

Socialist economics

However, it is Truss's approach to the energy crisis that shows her colour is still red. Truss intends to deal with the energy crisis by borrowing £160 BILLION from the banks to deal with energy bills. As the government don't have a penny of their own money it is you who will have to pay that back, plus the interest in the form of higher taxes, not just for the foreseeable future but for a generation. The magic money tree, once favoured by Labour, is about to be picked bare again.

We are already in hock because of Furlough, when we paid eleven million people to sit on their arses for three months to avoid a virus that wouldn't have hurt them anyway. For the first time in UK history, debts are being talked about in the trillions of pounds. The result of this socialist form of economics will be to bankrupt Britain, and quicker than you may think.

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