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Compulsory Face-Masks Forever Thanks To Project Fear

Today Boris Johnson announced the compulsory wearing of face-masks in all shops and Supermarkets from Friday 24th July but neglected to tell you how long this new law will be imposed for. He 'neglected' to tell us because he knows that this policy has no upside, will fail to neutralise the virus, and will have to remain in place indefinitely. Yes, this is 'the new norm'' that they've been conditioning us all for for months now. And, if you apply compulsory wearing of face-masks for the current coronavirus then you should by rights apply it to all coronaviruses, so every winter for decades to come, compulsory masks will have to be worn for seasonal flu. Do you really want that? Do we really need that?

Those that have hyped the threat of Covid-19 have now, as we predicted, started suggesting there is a second wave coming, meaning that the entire point of the lockdown is moot, as it didn't stop the virus, only prolonged us reaching herd immunity (the only excepted way out of this stasis) but it did, at least, ensure the public remained frightened and compliant.

Even if you believed the threat level that Covid-19 is supposed to represent, making us all wear face masks now is about 6 months too late. It makes no logical sense to implement this in late July when the height of the pandemic was April. That horse has long since bolted.

Johnson's argument is "The science is changing" but it bloody-well shouldn't be. What the fuck have the 'experts' been doing for all those years before this pandemic arrived? Public Health England receive obscene amounts of taxpayers money and have only ONE job to do: protecting the nation from public health hazards and preparing for public health emergencies.

On top of that there are dozens of Universities and Quangos also draining the public purse whilst claiming to be experts in this field, yet these so-called experts can't even decide if face-masks work or not. They should have had this thing sown-up, locked-down and stamped-out long ago, that's what they're paid for. It's the ONLY thing they're expected to do, and they've had decades to prepare and billions in funding. Neil Ferguson, the self-styled 'expert' whose wild guesses caused a worldwide panic has proved to be a charlatan, but questions still remain over many of the other technocrats that have had massive impact on our lives during this crisis; such as Chris Whitty whose links to Pharmaceuticals companies and the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation brings into question his impartiality in the role, particularly when he is constantly pushing the idea of vaccines from said pharmaceuticals.

These laws have been pushed through parliament without challenge, Labour not just complicit but secretly cheering on the government during this. There is no way of stopping this madness, certainly not in parliament, and not through the courts either: Last week businessman Simon Dolan, was refused permission to seek a judicial review of the unprecedented powers proclaimed and used by the Government on the pretext of Covid-19.

It was a good case well-presented, and it could not be more important. The Government delayed it by dragging its feet. The judge then absurdly dismissed it – partly because it had not been brought sooner, and some of the provisions he argued, (which could be clamped down again at any time) had since been lifted.

Darren Birks is the Editor in Chief of Vision News Online

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