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Christmas Shop in Ipswich Stays Open by Selling Toilet Paper

An enterprising shop manager in Ipswich has managed to get around lockdown restrictions and remain open by adding some “essential” items to his shop’s shelves. Neighbouring traders, who’ve slavishly complied with the guidance, are incandescent.

“Furious” traders have complained that a temporary Christmas shop is staying open in Ipswich during lockdown – despite its owners saying they are selling essential items.

All non-essential stores have been ordered to close as part of the second national shutdown, which began last week. However, certain stores selling essential items – such as food – are allowed to remain open. The store in Tavern Street predominantly sells Christmas cards, wrapping paper and toys and gadgets – but also has a small stock of canned goods, toilet roll and cleaning items.

According to the shop’s manager, this allows them to stay open as an essential store. The manager said: "We took the shop on in August, we’ve got a contract with the landlord that we can sell essential goods. We are selling essential items, so we are no different to other shops in Ipswich like B&M or Wilkos." adding " If you go into those shops, they have got a load of Christmas stuff as well. We’ve got food, disinfectants and PPE, so no different to Wilkos or B&M.”

Staff from Ipswich Borough Council visited the shop on Monday, November 9th but are yet to make a decision on the store’s future.

We hope other retailers forced to close will do the same. play the authorities at their own game!

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