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Whitty Filling in 'Thug Sandwich' Videoed in London Park

Not Clapham Common

Confirmed bachelor Chris Whitty has been videoed with two men in a London Park but not Clapham Common.

Police are said to be investigating the incident which appears to show England's Chief Medical Officer and confirmed bachelor in an uncompromising clinch with two men that he met in a London park on Sunday night.

The video shows two men enjoying themselves with Whitty forming the filling of a 'thug sandwich', although, Whitty doesn't appear to be enjoying himself once he realises they're being filmed.

New Health Secretary Sajid Javid said he was "appalled" by the video, which was NOT filmed on Clapham Common. adding: "Men behaving in this disgraceful way should be ashamed."

Labour MP Jess Philips tweeted: "Even if you perceive it as non-violent it is clear that he felt awful and uncomfortable and resisted. Public figures are not dolls, they are human beings, it is stunning how easily this is forgotten." - we only have her word for that though.

It is not the first time Prof Whitty has been filmed being with members of the public though and there is no suggestion that he does not enjoy meeting his adoring fans, only embarrassment that he's being videoed doing it.

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