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Charles Preaches WEF Prophecies on Very First Royal Visit as King

Speech strikingly similar to WEF article published on same day.

King Charles has started his Reign by preaching World Economic Forum doomsday prophecies against advice from Government.

The King, making his first speech after his Coronation on Tuesday said to that engineers must “save this planet from increasing catastrophe” a reference to the already debunked, global warming scam still favoured by him and Klaus Schwab.

He made a return back to official Royal duties on Tuesday, and against advice, used his first ever engagement as Monarch to bolster the World Economic Forum's climate change narrative. Charles first speech as King was to a laboratory where scientists just happen to be working on net zero research. In a speech to the laboratory’s team, he said: “The key exercise of all this is to keep the team expanding and not lose all these remarkable people who have the… engineering skills to help lead what we need so badly and so urgently in order to save this planet from increasing catastrophe.”

He met staff and academics from Cambridge University’s Whittle Laboratory, which is undertaking research to help the country achieve net zero by 2050, particularly in the aerospace industry. The Whittle Laboratory is named after Frank Whittle, the inventor of the Jet Engine, with the entire laboratory now dedicated to destroying his legacy rather than protecting it.

The speech appeared strikingly similar to an article that appeared on the WEF website the same day, leading to speculation about the role of the organisation in King Charles' affairs.

In his speech to the laboratory’s “remarkable” team, the King said: “The aviation sector is critical in all this, as are many other sectors…the more we can do, the faster we can do it, with the kind of systems you have here at the Whittle to accelerate the research and development, is so important and encouraging."

“And if I may say so, finally, the great thing is to be working with other countries, transatlantic partnerships, and indeed I hope others who will be part of this real and exciting effort to transform and revolutionise the way we can travel in the future.”

He said that albeit being an arts graduate from Cambridge, he was “full of admiration for the incredible activities which go on here in engineering and so many other fields”, adding: “This country’s greatest strength lies in innovatory skills.”

Charles famously co-hosted the Great Reset video, along with Klaus Schwab, and has since repeated the WEF's mantras at every given opportunity leading some to fear that the monarchy has now been captured by Schwab and his cronies.


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