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CBBC Presenter Behind Masked Attack on Gender Conference

A Children's BBC presenter has been accused of leading a vigilante mob who attempted to storm a conference on gender issues at the weekend.

Dr Ronx Ikharia, who presents CBBC's Operation Ouch!, was caught inciting a mob of Antifa-style youths, using a loud hailer, outside a meeting of doctors and academics at the Royal College of General Practitioners in London.

The mob attempted to force their way into the conference, called First Do No Harm, only being prevented by security staff who barricaded the doors. Police were called and they too clashed with the activists who set off smoke bombs and continually tried to get into the building. Reports said the attack left conference-goers in fear for their lives, with death threats being heard shouted by the far-left mob. However, despite this, no arrests were made.

Dr Ronx Ikharia (pictured), who presents Operation Ouch!, is themselves a 'gender-bender' saying "I'm trans non-binary. Being trans is a liminal space for me, where I'm masc, so I have masculine attributes, but I'm not a man if that makes sense. At work, my colleagues refer to me as they/them, and they do try very hard!"

In a speech outside the 'First Do No Harm' conference, Ikharia said: "I am a doctor of 13 years, I am a trans, non-binary doctor and Can-SG is doing harm."

Last night, Stephanie Davies-Arai, of campaign group Transgender Trend, said: "A CBBC presenter should not be involved in protests against evidence-based medical care for children. 'That Dr Ronx led a protest that prevented attendees from accessing the conference is a serious public order infraction."

In an Instagram post yesterday, Dr Ikharia said: 'To see people who are 'professionals' tut, frown and take pictures of us as if we are the enemy whilst accessing the conference was not nice. The intellectualisation of trans bodies frames our existence as debatable.' 

A police spokesman said: 'At 9.45am a group attempted to gain access to an event in Euston Square. A smoke flare was set off. No reported injuries or damage.'

This is not the first time Dr Ikharia has caused controversy, they are universally disliked by parents around the country. On mumsnet one worried parent said:

"The BBC is promoting a trans doctor who seemingly only affirms patients' dysphoria"

BBC Three has created a film, made a Twitter thread and put together a website promoting 'Dr Ronx', a trans doctor who seems to affirm patients with severe problems' gender identity issues rather than offer independent and potentially helpful advice.

In the footage shown here a young patient says their chest binder is causing them severe spinal pain and breathing difficulties. Dr Ikharia offers the advice to keep using chest binders but try different ones.

At no point is it even suggested that the patient could have counselling so they can stop hating their body, or that the spinal, rib and breathing problems are serious issues.

What is the BBC playing at?

None of this is accidental by the BBC of course, they will have had to search high and low to find a doctor who is Trans. Their LGBTQ status is what got them on television, not because of their medical knowledge or expertise. CBBC is entirely structured for the indoctrination of children in far-left ideologies including the sexualisation of children as young as 4, and the labelling of all white people as racist in shows for toddlers.

The BBC declined to comment. A source said Dr Ronx is not a BBC staff member and so is not covered by the broadcaster's guidelines on protests.


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I certainly would let that near any kids of mine if I had any!

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