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Calls to Ban Facebook From Apps Store Following Capitol Hill Revelation

Last week the five companies that control the internet: Apple; Google; Twitter, Facebook and Amazon rounded on Parler, the Twitter alternative, using their power and influence to destroy the company under the pretence that it coordinated the Capitol Building Riots. Apple and Google removed it from their App Stores, whilst Amazon, the world's biggest provider of ‘cloud’ data storage, deleted it from their servers, with Facebook and Twitter joining in with the pile-on. However, it has now emerged that it was Facebook and Twitter that were the tool predominately used in the Capitol Hill riots, leading to calls for THEM to be banned from the App Store in the same way Parler have been.

According to the Post, “a growing body of evidence shows that Facebook played a much larger role” in the storming of the building than Facebook previously acknowledged. It gets worse for Facebook; Their COO Sharyl Sandberg claimed that the events “were largely organised on platforms that don’t have our abilities to stop hate, don’t have our standards and don’t have our transparency.”

However, the Post accused her of “deflecting blame,” enlisting the help of Eric Feinberg, Vice President with the Coalition for a Safer Web, who discovered 128,000 Facebook users still discussing the hashtag #StopTheSteal on Monday. “Feinberg’s searches for the banned hashtag #StopTheSteal and the affiliated hashtags #DoNotCertify, #WildProtest and #FightForTrump on Facebook and Instagram as recently as Monday revealed hundreds of posts promoting the rally,” states the report adding “Two dozen GOP officials and organisations in at least 12 states coordinated bus trips to the rally via Facebook.”

Federal authorities also revealed that much of the violence was coordinated via Twitter.

But the incriminating tweets we were going to show you have been deleted by twitter (you couldn't make this shit up)

Although most people don’t know of Parler and probably don’t much care about big tech destroying it, this incident points to a MUCH bigger and more worrying trend. The internet is now entirely controlled by these five companies; Apple; Google; Twitter; Facebook and Amazon, and All five share the same far-left ideology. Parler haven’t broken any international, federal or local law. Their only ‘crime’ is to champion free speech and users privacy, with these two simple principles being enough to generate such hate in Silicon Valley that the tech giants have actively waged a campaign to burn them from the web.

Twitter, Google and Facebook have promoted themselves as some type of ‘moral guardians’ with snappy slogans like Google’s “Do no harm” and Facebook's bogus ‘fact checkers’ but, in reality, they operate as judge, jury and executioner. Any competition, any threat, any challenge to their dominance is met with they type of fire-power that other companies cannot hope to match. Even the might of the US Presidency has been proven to be no match for these companies. This isn’t just an app disappearing, this is a sign that we are all heading for a very dark future where freedom of speech, and freedom of thought, will be erased along with the ‘unperson’ who exercises it.

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