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Calls Grow To Remove Chris Whitty After He Ruins 1/2 Million British Holidays Unnecessarily

When the inevitable inquiry into the fiasco comes Whitty must share the dock with Neil Ferguson.

Neil Ferguson is not the only technocrat who has devastated Britain with an hysterical reaction to the current flu strain, his colleague and collaborator; Chris Whitty, is also wrecking the quality of British life with equally ridiculous predictions.

Whitty, whose lacklustre performance and incessant Big-Brother directions alienated much of the public during the early stages of lockdown, has continued to wreak havoc on the British public with increasingly insane demands.

According to Downing Street sources, with some 600,000 British holidaymakers in Spain, Witty DEMANDED ministers put Spain back on quarantine list after just Seven Brits returned with the virus. With no regard for those people effectively stranded in Spain, Whitty contacted Downing Street demanding that the country should be put back onto the quarantine list. Whitty said 'doing nothing isn't an option’ but like him, that is a one-dimensional argument. Reimposition of restrictions on Spain also prompted fears of similar crackdowns on trips to France and Germany, as they too have experienced spikes in cases.

Prof Whitty described the number as 'statistically significant' as ministers took the controversial decision to reimpose quarantine on Spanish travellers at less than five hours notice.  However, a number of other Medical Data Scientists have reported to us that these numbers are NOT statistically significant, and in reality represent an infection rate of just 0..00002. One scientist told us “Whitty should go, he over reacts to every number, he's let the power go to his head."

The account of the meeting came as Boris Johnson today warned there are 'signs of a second wave' of coronavirus in Europe as he defended the UK's decision to reimpose quarantine rules on Spanish travel.  Mr Johnson said: ''Let's be absolutely clear about what's happening in Europe, amongst some of our European friends, I'm afraid you are starting to see in some places the signs of a second wave of the pandemic.'

The decision to ban all but essential travel to Spain and to enforce quarantine on all arrivals coming back to the UK has sparked widespread fury among holidaymakers and travel firms. 

The Government faced accusations of presiding over chaos after it initially banned travel to the Spanish mainland but said people could still go to the Canary and Balearic islands - but everyone returning to Britain from anywhere in Spain would have to quarantine. 

Travel experts said the changing guidance on quarantine meant 'hundreds of thousands of UK holidaymakers in Spain' or those who are about to fly are 'utterly confused'.

Whitty has come under fire previously by some commentators who have suggested that his links to the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation, who previously funded his work involving vaccinations, means he is not fit for the role that he is currently in. Whitty, like Ferguson, appears to have a murky past and an obfuscated agenda whilst wielding a massive amount of power over all our lives, a combination that troubles some of the more observant.

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