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British Heart Foundation Colluded with Big Pharma to Cover-Up Vaccine Heart Damage says MP

A leading figure in the British Heart Foundation is actively suppressing evidence that the Covid vaccine causes heart damage.

That is the incredible claims of MP Andrew Bridgen who made them in the House of Commons on Tuesday. Mr. Bridgen, the Conservative MP for North West Leicestershire, said:

"It has [also] been brought to my attention by a whistleblower from a very reliable source that one of these institutions is covering up clear data that reveals that the mRNA vaccine increases inflammation of the heart arteries. It is covering this up for fear that it may lose funding from the pharmaceutical industry."

"The lead of that cardiology research department has a prominent leadership role with the British Heart Foundation, and I am disappointed to say that he has sent out non-disclosure agreements to his research team to ensure that this important data never sees the light of day."

The revelation that senior British Heart Foundation staff colluded with Pfizer to suppress the truth about their products follows the Foundation's 2021 television advert featuring a girl having a sudden heart attack whilst playing football. Critics suggested that this was a clear attempt to normalise heart attacks in children. It looked like a blatant attempt to 'reframe' Myocarditis and Pericarditis as commonplace in children and young adults.

The advert makes the claims that heart attacks in children are normal, and that if you send them money they will use it to fund research into finding a cure. This was created at exactly the same time the Foundation was covering clear data revealing the mRNA vaccine was behind the increase in heart attack cases.

Asking for donations to help find a cure for heart attacks in children when they secretly knew the cause all along really is stooping to a new low.

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