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British Building Society Admits it IS Closing Accounts of People Who Don't Agree with its Politics

Banks now get to punish you for 'wrongthink'.

Yorkshire Building Society who had been accused of closing an account of a client after he asked why their branches were festooned with Pride flags has admitted not only that they did do it, but that they will do it for anyone who doesn't agree with their left-wing politics.

Journalist Toby Young told Nigel Farage on GB News that the unnamed man, who contacted him about the case, was told in response that his account would be closed forthwith.

It came as lenders were accused of axing customers who say things they don't like on gender and LGBT issues or even Brexit , including Mr Farage himself. Yorkshire Building Society today declined to comment on the individual case but a spokesman said: "We would only make the difficult decision to close a savings account if a customer is rude, abusive, violent or discriminates in any way, based on the specific facts and behaviour in each case".

Although the Building Society didn't accuse its customer of actively discriminating against LGBTQ2+ people, that was clearly what they were implying. The customer had not broken any laws, or financial rule of the bank merely didn't agree with their politics. That was enough to have is account closed.

First Direct has also been accused of closing the account of the founder Wings over Scotland pro-Scottish independence blog, run by journalist Stuart Campbell. Mr Campbell has suggested that his accounts were closed because of his views on gender and sex, including declaring: 'Women don't have penises'.

Nigel Farage has revealed his bank accounts will be shut down this summer, without any proper explanation. He told MailOnline today that three members of his family have also recently had accounts closed by UK banks.

Now it would appear that, to hold a British Bank Account you must share the same far-left ideology as them.

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