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BRITAIN must be PUNISHED for LEAVING EU says French PM

Jean Castex the French Prime Minister made the comments in a letter to EU chief Ursula von der Leyen another British-hating beaurocrat

Britain must be punished for Brexit to show other EU states that 'leaving is more damaging than remaining', France's prime minister has said in a furious letter, confirming what we knew all along.

France has now begun a campaign to attack the British economy after it was denied free-range to fish in British waters after Brexit. Reports out of whitehall suggest that the campaign comes directly from President Macron.

The seizing of British fishing boats was just the first in a series of attacks ordered by Macron who is also said to be behind the idea of switching off power to Jersey if the UK doesn't submit to demands. They are demanding that Britain grants free reign to all French fishing boats to catch as much tonnage as they want, effectively restoring amounts to pre-Brexit levels. The threat to plunge Jersey into darkness has shocked many who still believed that France was a close ally of Britain's and not the ungrateful parasites that they have repeatedly proved to be.

Now Macron's second in command Jean Castex has demanded that the EU to revenge on Britain with the remaining countries likely to perform a 'pile-on' over coming months. The EU will take little convincing, as many of the bureaucrats harbour a deep hatred of Britain. In his letter, which was reported by the Telegraph, Mr Castex said: "It ... seems necessary for the European Union to show its full determination to obtain full compliance with the agreement by the United Kingdom and assert its rights by using the levers at its disposal in a firm, united and proportionate manner." The French ambassador to London has been summoned to explain the series of threats in the row over rights to fish in British waters.

A second boat, this time a Scottish registered scallop dredger, was also detained in Le Havre on Friday. British embassy staff boarded the hijacked fishing boat on Friday evening to discuss the diplomatic row with the captain and his crew.

Other vessels that fish in the channel have been warned to expect 'disruption' from French authorities over the coming days whilst Jersey has been told to make contingency plans for a full power outage.

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