Brexit Week sees Remoaners vile hate-speech reach peak toxicity.

In the last few days the majority of the British public have, once again, been referred to as ‘thick’, ‘racists’ and ‘Nazis’ and a wish that OAPs who voted Brexit would die this winter.

Last week a video emerged of Paul Mason stating that ‘there was a racist element to the Brexit vote’, Whilst Yasmin Alibhai-Brown said that anything done to commemorate this historic event was ‘rubbing remainer’s noses in it’. In the same week Left-leaning Journalist Kerry-Anne Mendoza implied Brexit voters were Nazis in a characteristic tweet from a SJW masquerading as a journalist. But perhaps the most vile of all Remoaners is TV has-been Terry Christian whose tweet hoping that OAPs who voted Brexit would die, angered so many decent people.

Mason, a belligerent pseudo-intellectual, Marxist, can’t really help himself. He has consistently referred to the Brexit vote as racist, it seems to be his favourite demonisation of the working class. He repeats this at every interview, still. Much to the delight of others in Twitter’s #FBPE echo-chamber. It’s like he’s suffering from some form of Tourettes, as he repeatedly shouts ‘racist’ at people who clearly aren’t.

Whilst, on Monday, Guardian columnist and vocal opponent of Brexit, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown appeared on the Jeremy Vine Show to accuse Brexiteers of ‘rubbing their noses in it’ in a demented rant typical of the journalist. Whilst discussing the new 50 pence piece minted to mark Britain's exit from the EU, Alibhai-Brown ranted: “Do not humiliate the losers and that is what’s happening.” Adding “And it’s very interesting. You won and you’re still this cross and you still need to rub our noses in it?” [sic] She finally closed the debate with a characteristic virtue-signalling comment saying she would give any of the Brexit coins ‘to a beggar’.

Another Left-leaning journalist who could not contain her hatred for Brexit and her contempt for those who voted for it, was Kerry-Anne Mendoza, editor of The Canary, who tweeted; "Just a reminder that those of us of conspicuously immigrant heritage are quietly conscious the “Brexit Celebrations” could devolve into a 21st century kristallnacht. The forces of English nationalism unleashed by the Brexit campaign are building and we can feel it.” Implying that Brexit voters were Nazis is another favourite slur but is particularly offensive to the Jewish community who voted for Brexit with one responding: “I am the son of Holocaust survivors. What a foul comparison. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

But the most vile comments in the last week came from Terry Christian, a man who was a D-List celebrity 30 years ago, who presented Channel 4’s ‘The Word’ and, until Brexit, hadn’t been heard of in at least two decades. It perhaps explains some of his toxic hate-filed comments, as his vile opinions have brought him a lot of, otherwise lacking, publicity. But witness him on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday and you would be forgiven for thinking he really does hold these vile and disgusting views. The aggression with which he said them, was almost palpable. Christian, failing to live up to his name, stated on Twitter "let's hope it’s a good virulent strain (of flu) this year" directed at Older Brexit voters, of course, who he hoped would die soon.

Brexiteers even now, are being bullied, abused and vilified by a minority of toxic individuals whose hatred for democracy, and contempt for the working class, seems to consume their every waking moment. But this will not stop Brexiteers from celebrating leaving the EU. We are not beholding to these antidemocratic individuals. If they want to harbour hate and contempt for their fellow countrymen for simply holding a different opinion to them, they must live very miserable lives. If they have not come to terms with the fact they lost, that they were wrong, then Friday will be a very u