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Boris Johnson: The Churchill Wannabe More Like Chamberlain In Address to Nation

Boris Johnson last night issued the following dictats to combat the Coronavirus Pandemic:

  • From today the limit on one form of exercise a day will be scrapped, allowing people outdoors if they observe the two-metre social distancing rules. Staff at No 10 have been told that Johnson will begin jogging again this week

  • Fines will be increased for those failing to abide by the new rules

  • From Wednesday, garden centres will re-open

  • The public will be advised – but not forced – to wear face coverings on public transport and in shops

  • Within two weeks new arrivals in the UK will be required to go into isolation for 14 days, with quarantine centres set up for those who do not have a home where they can self-isolate.

  • “Stay home, protect the NHS, save lives” will be replaced with “Stay alert, save lives”

Johnson's address to the nation has failed to satisfy anyone whilst confusing many. The Covid Bedwetters posting the hashtag #keepthelockdown don't want any restrictions lifted, and are happy to stay under house arrest indefinitely, so they're not happy.

The Unions have seen all of this as a golden opportunity to become all Arthur Scargill on us, with increasingly ridiculous demands that are designed to embarrass the government for cheap political points, not really protect their workers.

The Police, who have repeatedly failed to understand the lockdown rules thus far, will be even more confused now that some restrictions have been eased, yet fines have been increased.

New arrivals into UK requiring isolation for 14 days, at this late stage, is ridiculous as it's months too late. 100,000 people a week are still happily flying into this country and we've not so much as checked to see if they're looking a bit peaky up until now.

And the one clear message: 'stay home' has been changed for the incredibly vague and meaningless "stay alert".

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