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BLM Supporters Start GoFundMe Page For Christmas Parade Massacre Culprit

A self-professed Black Lives Matter Supporter has started a GoFundMe page to raise money for Christmas parade massacre culprit Darrell Brooks, claiming that the mass-murderer is a 'victim of racism'.

Brooks was charged with five counts of intentional homicide after ramming his SUV into dozens of people during the horrific attack in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Within hours of the arrest a GoFundMe page was started by someone identifying as James Norton of Waukesha who claims not only that Brooks is innocent but that his treatment is merely another example of institutionalized racism.

“On November 21st, 2021 our dear friend Darrell Brooks was arrested for allegedly driving his car into a parade, as someone who knows Darrell personally I can tell you that he would NEVER do such a thing and I know he is innocent of what he was charged with,” Wrote Norton, going on to claim “Clearly there is more to the story the media is not telling us and I am seeking to raise the bail so Darrell can be released and speak his truth to his side of the story in this tragic situation that sees another black man behind bars in a purely political and racist trial.”

The sick individual went on to say “There is no excuse for this continued treatment of black Americans by prosecutors around the country, everyone must be presumed innocent until proven guilty and we ask that he be treated equally as anyone else in this country would be treated and he should be released until found guilty.”

Some are claiming that the page could have been started by a troll to make Black Lives Matter supporters look bad but there is no evidence that this is the case. It does however reflect the sentiment of left-wingers in the US who applaud the actions of Black people committing such atrocities. BLM supporters haven’t hesitated to raise money to get violent criminals out of jail before on multiple occasions.

The murder of 6 innocent white people, 5 old ladies and a child, by this sick individual has already been down-played by a left wing media who first made all sorts of spurious claims about the crime before predictably burying the story, but the facts are these:

Brooks was NOT attempting to evade police when he committed the murders.

Brooks is clearly seen on CCTV driving at speed towards the crowd.

The affidavit against Darrell Edward Brooks Jr states that he drove in a zig-zag pattern in order to “hit as many” people as possible. confirming yet again that the massacre was a deliberate attack.

Brooks is a known supporter of Black Lives Matter who had repeatedly posted violent anti-white rhetoric on social media. Ever since the incident, the media has tried to play down any possibility that the attack was motivated by Brooks’ extremist political views, his support for BLM or violent hatred for white people.

This was exemplified in the hours after the tragedy, when numerous outlets falsely reported that Brooks was merely trying to flee the scene of an earlier crime, a narrative that served to diminish the explanation that the massacre was a deliberate attack. After police confirmed that they were not chasing Brooks as he ploughed through the Christmas parade in Waukesha, the affidavit against the killer reveals more crucial details about the deliberate nature of what happened.

According to eyewitness Officer Butryn, the vehicle “appeared to rapidly accelerate” and “took an abrupt left turn into the crowd of parade participants.”

This made it clear to the officer that he was seeing “an intentional act to strike and hurt as many people” as possible. Officer Butryn then observed the vehicle “to be intentionally moving side to side, striking multiple people.” Another eyewitness who spoke to police at the scene said the SUV was driving in a zig-zag pattern with “a direct intent to hit as many parade participants.”

Brooks murdered 6 people and injured at least 62, while 13 children remain hospitalised and 6 are in critical condition all because of his unhinged hatred of white people.

The media is still referring to the massacre as a “parade crash” or even an “accident,” refusing to acknowledge that it was a deliberate attack.

This may have lead to the GoFundMe page being set up, the creator believing that it was an accident. Then again, they may be well aware that it was the murder and maiming of innocent white people, and it's that which they are supporting.

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