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Black People Have Been Played Over George Floyd Death

As riots rage across 40 US cities, secret service men are wounded, and the President has to take shelter in the White House bunker, information is emerging that the events, rather than being spontaneous reactions to the killing of George Floyd, are the orchestrated attacks of a group Trump has recently called to be listed as a terrorist organisation.

We’ve seen it before, repeatedly, every time a black man is killed by Police the protests begin. In the case of George Floyd we only see a short footage of him being knelt on, we don’t see the events leading up to his death, but for millions of Black Americans there is no need to see that film, to put this into context, nor do they need, or want, to know what George Floyd had done for the Police to be in attendance. They don’t need any of that to start rioting. (The moment of his death he will have been catapulted into some saintly figure who will have the word 'innocent' forever associated with his name from now on) The narrative is that white cops kill black men, day in day out and, for them, this video proves that narrative. It's what they've been repeatedly told by the mainstream media and it's one they readily believe, because they've been spoonfed the lie they are victims of the evil white man for decades.

The scale, severity, and sickness of these riots is the worst we’ve seen since the 1960s with buildings burnt to the ground, cars on fire, and extensive looting across many cities, (because nothing says respecting the death of a fellow minority than thieving a big plasma TV does it?). The mainstream US media have been quick to perpetuate the idea that the Black Nation, so wronged by white oppressors, have rightly come on to the streets to protest at their treatment. One MSNBC reporter saying the “protestors are largely peaceful” as a building is literally on fire behind him. This is the same left-wing media that have been pushing the identity politics agenda for years, with the likes of the BBC running stories like “Why Do Police Officers Keep Killing Black Men?”. This is a toxic lie.

Contrary to what these media companies would have you believe, many more white people are shot and killed by police in the US. Studies suggest that police officers are less likely to shoot at a black man for fear of this type of consequence. And although there may be more black men killed by police than their percentage of the general population, the numbers are directly in line with African Americans convicted and in prisons. This is effectively an urban myth. One that so many are ready to believe, because it's far easier to believe you're the victim of some terrible conspiracy by another race than to believe that your failings are perhaps that of your own. If you even suggest that black murders are, overwhelmingly a black problem (black on black crime more often than not linked to gangs and drugs) then you'll be banned from Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube quicker than you can press Control Alt Delete.

But it has now emerged that, rather than the emotional outpourings of an ethnic minority, these riots are orchestrated by ANTIFA, a WHITE anarchist group who pretend to be anti-fascist but, in reality, have all the traits of a Fascist organisation themselves. Their name is clever, 1984-style, doublespeak. make no mistake, these are the real fascists. They're the ones who dress in black, they're the ones whose emblem resembles the Nazi flag, they're the ones who have spent the last decade protesting against Authors, Professors and any other soft targets they think they can bully. They love to use violence on anyone not in their group, and are just as likely to beat up a black man who supports Trump as a white one. For all their posturing, virtue-signalling and big-talk, these are a bunch of middle-classed white kids who wouldn't go anywhere near a real white supremacist organisation, preferring to apply their particular form of anarchy on college campuses and at town halls where they're unlikely to run into any real opposition.

It was reported that Secret Service agents rushed Mr Trump to a White House bunker on Friday night as hundreds of protesters gathered outside the executive mansion, some of them throwing rocks and tugging at police barricades. This is standard Secret Service protocol when there is a threat to the president's safety and not, as James O'Brien of LBC suggested, that he was 'cowering in a bunker' like Hitler did in the last days of the WW2.

Trump calling them 'Antifa thugs’.

Since then President Trump has derided state governors as "weak" and demanded tougher crackdowns on burning and stealing among some demonstrations. Mr Trump spoke to governors on a video teleconference that also included law enforcement and national security officials, telling the state leaders they "have to get much tougher."

"Most of you are weak," the president said. "You have to arrest people."

Thousands of National Guard troops have been deployed across the country in a bid to restore calm amid curfews, but protesters and police were involved in stand-offs in several cities while there were also fresh reports of looting. One Twitter user suggested that the 101st Airborne Division would be a more effective answer, of which the President agreed.

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