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Big Pharma Now Say Their Covid Vaccines are a Cure for Heart Disease

Before Covid mRNA therapeutics were a failed idea that had cost pharmaceutical companies millions of dollars without producing any positive results.

They were considered all but useless, and since 2014 had been all but forgotten about as just another 'also ran'. That all changed when the World Health Organisation pushed the button on the Covid scam. Suddenly mRNA technology was offered up as the (only) cure for Covid with nobody being allowed to question their use or previous failures.

MRNA 'vaccines' have proved to be an unmitigated failure for Covid in literally ever metric you care to look at. They've failed to prevent infection, have had literally no effect on deaths rates or hospitalizations and have proven to cause death and serious injury 40 times greater than all other vaccines combined.

Now, two of the same pharmaceutical companies are trying to plant the idea that the same failed product is a miracle cure for heart disease. A Danish study published as a pre-print in the Lancet analysing trial data claims to have found adenovirus-vector Covid vaccines such as AstraZeneca (AZ) and Johnson and Johnson (J&J) reduced overall mortality by around 63% and cardiovascular mortality in particular by around 99%.

The study authors say that the vaccines “provide significant protection” against cardiovascular disease, and speculate this may be because the adenovirus vector, though not able to replicate, “may prime the immune system in a way similar to a ‘live’ vaccine”. How this might protect against cardiovascular disease is not explained.

The study has been reported at sceptical sites such as the Brownstone Institute, TCW Defending Freedom and Bad Cattitude. Each asks whether people have been given the “wrong vaccine”, in that while the trial data for the mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) did not show any mortality benefit, those for the adenovirus vaccines showed considerable and, importantly, statistically significant benefit.

Medical student Santiago Sanchez has criticised the claims of the study and its commentators on Twitter. In particular he notes that almost all the favourable mortality data come from one trial, the J&J one, where nine people in the placebo arm died from non-Covid, non-accident causes versus just three in placebo arm.

Indeed, the placebo arm in the trial seems to have been oddly death-prone, with 16 versus three deaths overall, including two versus zero accidents, two versus zero cardiovascular deaths and seven versus three deaths from other causes. Interestingly, the AstraZeneca vaccine trial in the U.S. had an accident-prone vaccine arm, with four versus zero accident deaths, illustrating how these small numbers are very susceptible to freak random occurrences. The same U.S. trial also had two versus zero cardiovascular deaths, while the Sputnik (Gam-COVID-Vac) trial had one versus zero cardiovascular deaths, to give the five versus zero cardiovascular deaths (out of around 50,000 and 72,000 respectively) in adenovirus-vector vaccine trials overall that raise the possibility of causation and the vaccines somehow curing heart disease.

This sounds unbelievable, and that is probably because it is. The author of this study, Professor Christine Stabell Benn, has not declared any conflict of interests. However, Benn works for the Indepth Health Network an organisation that promotes vaccines in Africa and Asia. The organisation is funded by the Wellcome Trust who front for GlaxoSmithKline and an organisation that has been at the very centre of the scamdemic. But none of that matters, it is the headline itself 'covid vaccines are a miracle cure for heart disease' that is the purpose of this entire study. That's how these things start. Tell a lie often enough and watch it become the truth.


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