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BBC to Spend £100m of Licence Fee on More 'Diverse and Inclusive Content'

The BBC has announced that it is to spend £100m of taxpayers money chasing more Diversity targets which it has created for itself.

Yes really.

The organisation is to increase diversity by spending £100m of the TV licence fee to produce "diverse and inclusive content" it has announced. Director General Tony Hall has described the move as "a big leap".

It is difficult to see how the organisation can become any more Woke, as Diversity is already the overriding (and often only) factor in every area of BBC programming with its News coverage, Drama and even children's TV awash with leftist propaganda. The BBC are completely obsessed with intersectionality, last weeks episode of Countryfile stating 'the countryside is racist' just one example of this ridiculous obsession. The BBC also leapt on the Black Lives Matter bandwagon even though it is a self proclaimed Marxist organisation with a political agenda, giving us endless 'explanations' for their cause, including why Churchill was such a racist.

The BBC have abandoned any type of pretence that they are impartial, metaphorically wiping their arses on the Charter and alienating millions in the process. Their coverage of Brexit was a poisonous exercise in hatred for the working class as they acted as the media arm for the Remain campaign. The BBC denied any wrong doing of course, claiming they had been perfect, as they always do, in every respect. But subsequent independent studies showed they were bias to the core. Of 4,275 guests talking about the EU on Radio 4’s flagship Today programme only 132 (3.2 per cent) were supporters of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. In 274 hours of monitored BBC EU coverage only 14 speakers (0.2 per cent of the total) were advocates for leaving the EU.  And it was found that even Question Time had a 75/25 bias towards Remain.

BBC output on any given day will have Transgender rights issues somewhere, even though Transgender people number a fraction of a percent of the UK population. Their coverage of the topic is not just disproportionate but obsessional. The BBC News App in particular always carries LGBTQ stories, this reporter counting 11 separate items on one day, and this was not even during Pride month. The idea that we need more of this content is frankly deluded.

The BBC has also come under heavy criticism for paying its 'talent' huge amounts of taxpayer's money, with the likes of Gary Linker, a failed England footballer and rabid Leftist who can 'read out aloud' receiving £1.75m of taxpayers money.

Increasingly the public are calling for the licence fee to be abolished. especially when they use that money to pay themselves ridiculous salaries, make self-indulgent output and as a platform for their leftist propaganda.

BBC spend £100m per year on licence fee collection. A large part of that is spent on harassing and threatening British people in order to get them to pay an unjust licence fee that currently covers all live TV and they can, and do, use the threat of prison if you fail to pay. Ironically, prisoners are exempt from having to pay the licence fee, but can have a TV in their cell for good behaviour.

When the BBC demanded that over 75s pay the Licence fee again, recanting on their earlier agreement, they received a great deal of criticism from both the Government and the public and, in true Communist-style, they responded with a proposal for a Tax on the Internet. A tax on something you didn't create, don't own, and don't provide is demented. Where do they get off acting like some Marxist dictatorship?

We say it's not just time to scrap the licence fee but the BBC itself.

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