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BBC Palestine 'Expert' Tweeted "Hitler Was Right" About Jews. BBC Bosses Do Nothing

BBC correspondence thinks Hitler was right to murder six million Jews.

Tala Halawa, yet another left wing activist posing as a journalist has worked for three years for the BBC reporting on Palestine. She previously stated that she saw her mission as highlighting the “Palestinian case”.Presumably that is why she was hired by the impartial BBC.

The ultra left wing activist tweeted had previously tweet "Israel is more Nazi than Hitler' 'oh, Hitler was right" which was discovered by political website Order-Order, a tweet that she has now deleted, along with her entire Twitter account, supposedly because there were other incriminating tweets in it that she didn't want exposed.

No action has been taken by the BBC who said "Halawa was not a BBC journalist in 2014 when she tweeted this particular post." So, that's alright then. You have a raving anti-semite working for you who supports the mass murder of an entire race but it's ok, because she tweeted her disgusting hate crime before you employed her.

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Patricia Sullivan
Patricia Sullivan
May 27, 2021

I'm sick to vomiting at these people posing as journalists. Isn't that what Nazanin Zaghari- Ratcliffe was allegedly doing when she has ended up in prison in Iran. These "journalists" ought to be VERY careful. These BBC 'plants' will not be saved by the BEEB when the chips are down.

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