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BBC 'Journalist' Chases Non-Mask Wearers Down the Street

Masks may be good for your health, but you know what else is good for your health Nolan? Minding your own fucking business.

A BBC 'journalist' has been blasted on social media for proudly showcasing a segment on his show where he chased a man down the street for allegedly not wearing a mask when he entered a shop.

BBC Northern Ireland presenter Stephen Nolan enthusiastically broadcast the footage as a promo for his show, telling viewers, “Why do people not get it that it’s the law here to wear a face mask?” A clip is then shown where Nolan confronts a man leaving a shop (who is actually wearing a mask), while asking him, “We just noticed when you walked in you weren’t wearing a mask. Well, why is that sir?”

When the man attempts to leave, Nolan runs after him, shouting, “Do you care? Do you care? Then why did you go in without it?”

Data analyst Philip Watson posted the clip to Twitter, commenting, “This is what we’ve become folks. Junk journalism masquerading as investigative reporting. Nolan didn’t know the guy nor his circumstances. Truly shocking.” Whilst Unionist activist Jamie Bryson also slammed Nolan, noting that “the BBC aren’t an ‘enforcement’ authority” and that the clip was an example of “punching down; trying to coerce the ‘little people’ on behalf of the powerful.”

Nolan attempted to defend the stunt, claiming it was about “the community protecting each other,” pretty ironic given that Nolan was attempting to violate ‘social distancing’ by pursuing the man he targeted.

However, we have been repeatedly told by experts that being Obese drastically increases your chance of dying from Covid-19. As Nolan waddled down the street virtue-signalling it won't have escaped the viewer's attention that Nolan has clearly decided not to heed that particular health warning. Perhaps someone should ask him about why he's choosing to ignore that particular dictat next time he's waddling out of the local chip shop.

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