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BBC Ignore Large Lockdown Protest in London

London's Trafalgar Square saw tens of thousands protesting the lockdown and civil liberty laws yesterday, as the mainstream media turned a blind eye yet again.

You would be forgiven for thinking there was no opposition to lockdown if you watched the mainstream media. But tens of thousands of those who hold civil liberty above government lies took to the streets yesterday sending a clear message to the government that the game is up. These were not the 'conspiracy theorists' the mainstream media suggest anyone not towing the party-line must be, they were normal people from all walks of life. Teachers, nurses, bus drivers, engineers and scientists, from all over the country, came together to show their anger at the government.

One protester said " The idea of lockdown is ridiculous. The government have deliberately added deaths ‘with’ to deaths ‘from’ which is dishonest, trying to stoke-up fear" summing up the lies and exaggerations being told to the public. Another suggested "this is probably the greatest hoax in history."

London was not the only city that held protests, Berlin also saw tens of thousands saying No to Covid-1984. 3000 riot police were deployed in the German capital, more than were deployed for the BLM protests, despite there being no violence or disorder at yesterday's march.

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