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Ban on People Leaving Their Homes More Than Once A Week

Nothing will satisfy Lockdown Fanatics.

As we predicted months ago, the failure of lockdowns are being blamed on the public. Even though there is overwhelming evidence that lockdowns don't stop a virus, fanatics in SAGE are pushing for even tougher rules.

Curfews, a ban of leaving your house more than once a week, removal of support bubbles, face masks to be worn outside, Police given even more powers to enter homes and detain people to ‘quarantine facilities’ even if person only 'suspected’ of being contagious are all to be implemented following Boris Johnson's emergency COBRA meeting yesterday.

Under current rules, Britons can exercise with one other person or with their household or support bubble. But a Government source said the rule is “being used as an excuse for people to go for a coffee in the park with their friends” and should be tightened, the Daily Telegraph reports. SAGE have also suggested the “rule is there for exercise, for people’s mental health, particularly for older people who are not going to be going for a run to see someone” but many are using their “imaginations” to make it what they want.

Effectively EVERYTHING is expendable in the supposed pursuit of 'Zero Covid': liberty; freedom; the economy; jobs; children’s education, relationships; mental health, it doesn’t matter to these fanatics, it can all be destroyed in the minds of the Covidians. Everything must be sacrificed to save the NHS, everything. A london trust can’t manage it’s bed numbers and suddenly we’re all sacrificing our lives because of it.

When Governments fail, they blame the governed. Clearly, their “imaginative” interpretation of lockdown restrictions is to blame for the high Covid death toll. And, as we predicted in October, it was ALWAYS going to be like this. The irony is that the public agrees with the Government. According to polls, 72% of Britons think the authorities have not acted fast enough, and that lockdowns are currently not tight enough, with 64% also blaming the public for lockdowns not working.

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