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'Balding Middle-Aged Man' Competes as Teen Girl in Female Gaelic Soccer Match

16 year old opponent suspended on twitter for 'hate speech'.

After a biological man in his mid 30’s who identifies as a transgender girl was allowed to compete in a Gaelic soccer final against 16-year-old girls, the girls who complained about it had their accounts banned by Twitter for their 'hate speech'.

The fella in question, Giulia Valentino, is a balding man in his mid thirties who moved to Dublin from Italy and has previously advocated for women’s sport to allow transgenders to compete as women as well as complaining about not being able to use female changing rooms.

As the image above shows, Valentino clearly has an unfair physical advantage over the female players yet was allowed to compete anyway for Na Gaeil Aeracha, which describes itself as Ireland’s “first explicitly LGBTQ+ inclusive” football club. According to eyewitnesses the man 'poleaxed' the girls who he came into physical contact with.

After Na Gaeil Aeracha won the 2022 Junior J Shield tournament with ease, critics were censored for questioning Valentino’s involvement.

“I think it is preposterous. Twitter clearly has its own agenda and considers this to be hate speech. Utterly bonkers,” one woman told the Daily Mail.

“Seemingly many individuals have had their accounts locked or suspended by merely pointing out a scientific truth.”

Some had their accounts locked, but many were banned outright for calling Valentino a man.

“The women who have been suspended from Twitter are the latest in a long line of women – and some men – who have been banned from the social media platform for stating the truth,” said Women’s Right Network’s Heather Binning.

Another person expressed concern that Valentino could have even hurt the other girls, given his clearly dominant physicality.

“I quit team sports when I started feeling uncomfortable with the male environment… Actually, I am playing rugby with a women’s team, and it is my first team experience after the transition,” Valentino previously stated.

However, there is no evidence that he has actually had any transition surgery. According to Reduxx, “Valentino performs at fetish clubs under the moniker DJ Mav and identifies himself as a “trans dyke.”

The world has to participate in this man's sexual fantasies, one of which is clearly the dominance of teenage girls.

However, all is not going in the freak's favour, campaigners have suggested that any girl injured in the match should sue both the league for allowing a man to compete, as well as Valentino himself for any injuries inflicted on the girls.

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