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A-Level Results: Yet Another Government Computer-Model That Doesn’t Work

Boffins get it wrong AGAIN

We’ve seen the predicted death-figures from Covid-19 to be wildly inaccurate, and just as inaccurate as the previous predictions of Neil Ferguson’s computer model. We’ve also seen all of the Climate prediction models from the last 20 years prove to be completely inaccurate too, so is it any real surprise that the Government’s latest attempt at fortune-telling has been shown to be useless?

It has emerged that the Government’s algorithm factored-in the pupil’s school in their results. Meaning that any gifted and academic child that scored highly in their results would be automatically marked down if their school had previously performed badly. A double-whammy for any clever child from a poor background. This sort of Marxist thinking has effected thousands of children who have received grades well below their potential because the least intelligent, of previous years. who just happened to go to the same school, had a DIRECT impact on that individual's exam results for this year. Parents and pupils have, quite rightly, called 'foul'. This is yet another example where the outcome of an algorithm is decided first and then the computer model is created to fit the hypothesis. Pupils are just collateral damage, as long as the figures add up seems to be the mindset here.

This is the latest computer model, so-called, experts have deployed that is fundamentally flawed and will effects millions of people’s lives. It follows on the heels of Neil Ferguson’s computer model that was proven not to work and gave us ridiculous predictions, as well as the global warming computer-model from Exeter University, also since debunked, that started the modern hysteria around Climate Change.

Computer Models are only ever as good as those that programme them, sadly all of these have been fundamentally flawed because of the cognitive bias of the rabid Marxists that have written them.

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