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15 MINUTE PRISONS - Oxford Council's Green Agenda Bans You From Driving Outside Your District

Do not leave your designated zone.

Oxford County Council is about to impose regulations on its residents so extreme that it will fundamentally change the lives of nearly all its 150,000 residents, and few, if any, know it's even happening.

Oxfordshire County Council, which is run by Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party, are planning to divide-up the city of Oxford into six ‘15 minute’ districts. In these districts, it is claimed, most household essentials will be accessible by a quarter-of-an-hour walk or bike ride, and so, they say, residents will have no need for a car. On the face of it, providing more facilities locally sounds like a good thing. But the council's motivation is not to give you more of anything, only less; much less.

Under the new proposals, you will only be allowed to travel outside of your district on 100 days per year. if any of Oxford’s 150,000 residents dare to drive outside their designated zone more than their permitted days, they will be fined £70, for every occasion.

Do not leave your allotted zone, is the Council's message here, like a plot from the Hunger Games.

Every resident will have to register their car with the County Council who will then monitor how many times they leave their district via number plate recognition cameras. And don’t think you can beat the system if you’re a two car household. Those two cars will be counted as one meaning you will have to divide up the journeys between yourselves. 2 cars 50 journeys each; 3 cars 33 journeys each and so on.

Under the new rules, your social life becomes irrelevant. By de facto Councils will dictate how many times per year you can see friends and family. You will be stopped from fraternising with anyone outside your district, and if you want a long distance relationship in the future, forget it, you are confined to dating only those within a 15 minute walk of your house.

A single person’s life will be at the mercy of Communists in central office, dictating the same type of draconian rules we had to avert the last crisis, a mild flu virus so deadly 80% of people didn't even know they had it.

The idea of the 15 Minute city, where all of your 'life' is located within 15 minutes walk of where you live is the mad ravings of an Urban Planner by the name of Carlos Moreno who 'improved' on others planning for 20 minute cities by making the districts even more congested.

Moreno launched the idea of splitting cities up into districts in 2015 with a Ted Talk where he describes his ideas of modern ghettos as 'Chrono-urbanism'. For all the wanky pseudo intellectual words, the idea has no substance to it.

Moreno states "Current efforts to transform congested cities into carfree cities requires a few logistical and societal measures such as consultation meetings with all stakeholders, such as town halls, using computer modelling and measuring traffic before and after road closures, and enforcing restrictions once the plan is in place.[8] Many cities undergoing transformation in the EU have outlined their guidelines from pre-implementation consultation, to design, to post implementation."

This, of course, assumes that local residents want their lives turned upside down to begin with. Firstly, the vast majority of Oxford residents have no idea this is coming, or how they will be forced to change their entire way of life without question because some technocrat says they must. Independent polls have revealed that residents are unaware what is about to be imposed on them. And when they are told, less than 10% want their lives to be restricted in this way.

Moreno goes on: Impacts: "Direct impacts of carfree urban designs include enhanced air quality due to elimination of the pollutants that result from combustive processes used in many motor vehicles, reduced noise pollution and ground vibrations associated with engine and vehicle use, and reduced urban heat island effect.[12] Another impact would be the reduction of automobile-involved pedestrian and cyclist collisions and fatalities. Indirectly, through efficient, sustainable use of resources and faster transport of goods and people, carfree cities aim to improve quality of life for residents.

These are not ‘impacts’ they are dubious ‘solutions’ to problems that don’t exist. Oxford is not polluted, it has no heavy industry. The air is perfectly safe, perfectly clean and crucially, doesn’t feature anywhere on any list of the world's most polluted cities.

On the day that the Council announced it’s ban on cars in Oxford city centre the Councillor attempting to Gaslight the residents stood in front of a perfect blue sky, whilst claiming that something had to be done to stop Oxford’s 'terrible pollution problem’.

Reducing noise and vibration by banning cars adversely impacts 90% of Oxford’s residents, to benefit the half a dozen people who sleep lightly. Again this isn't a real problem, it's not even close to a real problem.

An entirely new social structure is being imposed on Oxford's residents ( and more cities are to follow) under the falsehood of improving the environment but what it really is, is a plan for Command and Control. There will be permits, penalties and even more ubiquitous surveillance. Council officials will determine where you can go and how often, and will log every time you do. 15-minute cities, or 15 minute prisons?


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