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15 Minute City Inventor Refuses to Rule Out 'Rounding Up' Those Who Don't Comply with Communist Agenda

The former Urban Terrorist will install his Communist dystopia one way or another.

Carlos Moreno, the inventor of the 15 minute city, who we exposed last year as a former terrorist, has refused to rule out 'rounding up' those who don't comply with the city plans.

Moreno, who was once fully prepared to stab, shoot and bomb his way to a Communist Utopia, is now designing cities based on the same ideology, unknown to the useful idiots now supporting his 15 minute city idea.

Moreno may have successfully reinvented himself as a town planner (or Urbanist) but he was once an Urban-guerrilla becoming a member of the notorious Colombian Terrorist group M-19 in the 1970s. The group were a Colombian Marxist guerrilla organisation that imposed a reign of terror on the Colombian people between 1972 and 1985. Their record sheet included, Kidnappings, shootings, and murder, together with coercion, extortion and drugs trafficking to fund their campaign of terror.

Carlos Moreno joined M-19 in 1975 during the height of the terrorist group's activities. Moreno was a notable member of the group between 1975 and 1979 and has never denounced his terrorist past, but doesn't have to, as the mainstream media run disinformation campaigns on his behalf.

Carlton Reid, who claims to be a writer who has spent 30 years peddling the climate change myth wheeled out the straw man argument straight away, claiming Moreno's terrorist past was a right-wing conspiracy theory, before writing that Carlos Moreno joined the terrorist group as a student in 1975. “I joined a nascent urban guerrilla group, M-19,” When Colombia’s authorities closed in on Moreno he fled the country, travelling to France where he was granted asylum. It is unclear if French authorities knew exactly who they were habouring, but Moreno was reportedly 'well aware' that there was no extradition treaty between France and Colombia at the time.

Since then Moreno has reinvented himself as an academic and 'Urbanist'. His 15 Minute City idea, sold as only providing 'convenience', (although in a letter to Rishi Sunak he claimed it was solely about climate change) appears anything but benign once seen in context. It was clear from the outset that there was a very disturbing and sinister subtext to the plan. When seen in context of being created by a former terrorist, so obsessed with Communism, he was prepared to kill for it, it's not about convenience but control.

When asked if he would impose other methods for those who didn't comply with his plans Moreno refused to rule out any further actions. We asked him directly if he would rule out the rounding up of non-compliers, something that would seem pretty easy for the Urbanist to do. However, Carlos Moreno refused to rule out any such measures.



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