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Yet Another 'Conspiracy Theory' Comes True as Trudeau Freezes Bank Accounts of Opponents

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has invoked the Canadian 'Emergencies Act' giving him almost unlimited powers which he is using to attack opponents of his Government. The Act was invoked specifically so that Trudeau could go after the Freedom Convoy protesters who he sees as a threat to his administration.

It is the first time the extreme legislation has been triggered since it was created in 1988, and it empowers banks to freeze the personal accounts of protestors without needing the permission of a judge. The Canadian Government is using the clause of “terrorist financing” to cover the protesters even though the Convoy has been entirely peaceful during its entire occupation.

Trudeau claims the scope of the measures are to be “time-limited” but also claimed they were “reasonable and proportionate”. Bypassing any type of legal process, banks will be able to freeze personal accounts of anyone it suspects is linked to the protests, the type of totalitarian move normally associated with regimes like China or North Korea.

Trudeau previously claimed that Covid rules and vaccine mandates were about "keeping Canadians safe, protecting people’s jobs,” but the hollow words quickly began to sound like they came from Orwell's Ministry of Truth. Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said banks will be able to freeze personal accounts of anyone linked with the protests without any need for a court order. Vehicle insurance of anyone thought to be involved with the demonstrations can also be suspended, she added.

She said they were broadening Canada’s “Terrorist Financing” rules to cover cryptocurrencies and crowdfunding platforms, as part of the effort to clamp down on the protests. “It’s all about following the money,” she said. The Emergencies Act, passed in 1988, demands a high legal bar to be invoked. It may only be used in an “urgent and critical situation” that “seriously endangers the lives, health or safety of Canadians”.

Lawful protests do not qualify.

Speaking on Monday, Canada’s Justice Minister David Lametti said the Government believes these conditions have been met, saying the current crisis is national in scope and exceeds the power of existing laws and Canada’s provinces to respond. Trudeau stressed that the enormous power of the legislation would be applied temporarily, and in a highly specific manner but we have seen, throughout the world, that the emergency powers governments have given themselves have remained long after the so-called 'emergency' has gone. Not a single government, anywhere in the world, has revoked it's emergency powers, nor will they if history is anything to go by.

Freezing the bank accounts of government opponents is yet another 'Conspiracy theory' that has shockingly come true. In 2020 some warned that Emergency Powers together with the push for a cashless society, would lead to authorities being able to starve-out anyone who opposed it. Supporters of the move should note, today it's truckers who opposed Vaccine mandates, but tomorrow it could very well be you.

Don't say they didn't warn you.

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