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Why You Should NEVER Take "Health Advice" From This Man

Britain's top health professional is Chris Whitty. He was the Chief Medical officer for the Department of Health and Social Care during the 'Pandemic' and is now the head of the UK Health Security Agency and Office for 'Health Improvement' and Disparities.

During the pandemic Chris Whitty repeatedly overestimated the dangers of Covid, maintaining the lie that everyone was at risk when they weren't. He was also behind the campaign to vilify those who didn't take the 'vaccine' to secure more sales for his paymasters, and mandated babies as young as 6 months got the 'vaccine' which likely killed 3 times more children than it saved.

Whitty's 'health advice' doesn't stop there though: he's also behind the sugar tax, a coming ban on fizzy drinks, higher taxation on fast-food, reduction of meat and animal products, a fat-tax, and even a limit on how many times you can drive your own car in the near future.

With his obsession with health you would be forgiven for thinking that Whitty himself is a fit, strong Alfa male, like a British David Goggins, but you'd be very wrong. Britain's top 'Health' expert' is the very epitome of unhealthy.  

Whilst demanding everyone is medicated with experimental drugs Whitty himself is not just unhealthily he is a very sick man.  Even without the concoction of toxins he's supposedly taken since 2020 our analysis, aided by AI, reveals a multitude of other self-inflicted diseases.

  1. High Blood Pressure. Chris Whitty is often seen with a red blotchy face which can have a number of causes the most common of which is high blood pressure.  Other causes of this condition is high alcohol  consumption.

  2. Atrophy.  Chris Whitty's narrow shoulders and thin arms show that he does no type of exercise.  The arms indicate atrophy where the muscles have receded to almost nothing.  Decreased muscle mass is now known to be linked to a host of other health problems including osteoporosis and immunity response.  

  3. Gynaecomastia. The 'moobs' Whitty has are most likely due to excess fat caused by an unhealthy diet, alcohol abuse, and a lack of exercise. However, they can also be another side effect of some medications.

  4. Obesity. Chris Whitty is overweight, and most likely obese.  With a distended abdomen typical of someone who overeats, abuses alcohol or both.   Fat around the midriff like this is associated with reduced life expectancy, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

  5. Vaccine Toxicity. If Prof. Whitty actually took the Covid-19 Vaccines his vital organs will now be host to nano lipid particles that are a ticking time bomb for his long-term health.   His vital organs will now be under attack with an increased risk of myocarditis, pericarditis, heart failure, blood clots, renal failure and liver damage. 

He has chosen not to look after his own health in any way whatsoever, he's never seen the inside of a gym, has an entirely sedentary lifestyle, abuses food and alcohol but is, according to him, an expert in health.  

His idea of health is just a concoction of pills, drugs and jabs, and only those that the pharmaceutical companies can make a profit on at that.   

That's not health, that's the exact opposite.

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