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Why are Vaccine Death Deniers So Obnoxious?

There are thousands, if not millions who are still promoting Government propaganda, that Covid Vaccines are 'safe and effective', and every single one of them is a c*nt.

They're always the same too, they're always some left-wing, obese, public sector or IT worker. The males are always beta, and the females always more manly than the males. They've not read anything that hasn't been broadcast by the Ministry of Truth, but consider you and me to be the ignorant ones.

The Vaccine Death Deniers will trawl Social Media for free thinkers like you, safe behind their keyboards of anonymity. They'll hone in on anyone promoting freedom of choice or personal responsibility, and anyone suggesting Covid Vaccines have killed people is guaranteed to have them bashing keys and foaming at the mouth.

Invariably they will not attack what you are saying though, but you as a person. Because, secretly, it is YOU that offends them. Not what you're saying, that they don't really give a toss about, it's you personally that they hate and want to browbeat into submission. You, with all your free-thinking, all your facts and figures, all your knowledge and savvy, self reliance and individuality represent everything they despise. This week it'll be vaccine deaths they'll argue about, but next week it could easily men pretending they're women, or even Brexit.

The technique, if you can call it that, is always the same: a mixture of name-calling, and sad attempts to belittle and discredit you as a person. If you do manage to pull them back to the topic in-hand (that of vaccine deaths) they will quote official propaganda like some citizen of North Korea, the very thing that you have just disproved. Or they will focus on a single word or phrase that they can twist and distort, as if that disproves your argument. It's moronic to say the least. But then they are moronic. Parroting government propaganda, in the mind of these c*nts is their attempted at closing you down. The very thing you're protesting about will be the very thing they quote back at you.

Before they've even written a word they'll have quietly facebook-stalked you. If your profile picture isn't all rainbow flags, black power signs and EU stars then a shed load of abuse will be coming your way, any second. They have a strange way of both claiming they know more than you, whilst at the very same time proving they don't, often all in one facebook post.

On Twitter they will often go through every tweet you've ever written looking for something they can take offence over. Toby Young coined the phrase "Offence Archaeologists". But currently you can't even tweet anything about vaccine deaths for these c*nts to see, as Twitter are themselves Vaccine Death Deniers.

The establishment have done a brilliant job on these people. They confuse Propaganda with 'science' that looks an awful lot like Orwellian style Groupthink.

They're on the wrong side of history, we know that. They call us anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists, and put us in the same category as flat-earthers and holocaust deniers. You can't counter with facts, and figures, if it's not from the Government, pharmaceutical companies or the BBC then its wrong. This is the circular argument of the Vaccine Death Denier. No amount of evidence, data, or facts matter to them, even if the source is the government (such as the yellow card system), they will simply dismiss it as you not being able to understand as much as they do. All the time trying to belittle you in the process.

When the first child death occurs that authorities can't cover up, there is likely to be a massive backlash from the public. At that point, where will the Vaccine Death Deniers be?

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Vaccine-Death Deniers Mourn One of Their Own

BBC Presenter who died from the AstraZeneca Vaccine is just one of thousands of deaths around the world the organisation she worked for has helped cover up.

Last week a Coroner reporting on the death of BBC radio presenter Liz Shaw concluded that her death, at the age of just 44, was caused by blood clots resulting from the AstraZeneca Covid vaccination. Ms Dilks said Ms Shaw was previously fit and well and that it was "clearly established" that her death was due to "vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia", a condition which leads to swelling and bleeding on the brain.

Ms Shaw, a mother of one from Consett, died after receiving just one dose of the experimental AZ vaccine. She received the drug that killed her on the 29th of April. Within days of having the first dose of the Covid Vaccine Ms Shaw began complaining of a headache which became more severe as the the days went by. On the 13th of May she was taken by ambulance to University Hospital of North Durham after having a severe headache for several days. Tests were carried out and blood clots were found in her brain, prompting her to be moved to the neurology specialist unit at Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary (RVI). Scans showed she had suffered a haemorrhage in the brain and after her condition deteriorated, part of her skull was removed to try and relieve the pressure inside her head. In a statement, Dr John Holmes who treated her said she complained of having a "severe headache shooting and stabbing" across her forehead and behind her eyes, the classic symptom reported by those being killed by the 'emergency licenced' drug. Her condition continued to worsen and despite more surgery and treatments, she died on May 21st.

Ms Shaw had worked as a Presenter for BBC Radio Newcastle, who had, even on the day she died, been broadcasting stories encouraging those in Ms Shaw's age-group to take the experimental gene therapy drug. On the day Ms Shaw received the first dose there had already been over 600 deaths from the Vaccine in just 6 months of its use and yet the BBC claim that these incidents are "extremely rare". Over 100 People dying a month is not 'extremely rare'. Covid vaccines have a death rate thirty times higher than any other vaccine currently in use, and many experts have suggested that it has a death-rate higher than every other vaccine combined.

It is only because Ms Shaw worked for the state broadcaster that we got to hear about her death. The BBC have reported on just two of over 1500 deaths caused by Covid Vaccines, have repeated the sales pitch that they are 'safe and effective' and the drug companies marketing hype about 95% effectiveness (debunked in all clinical trials) whilst running endless stories about 'Anti-Vaxxers' who have become their favourite hate figure.

The BBC's actions have helped cover up the Vaccine induced deaths. Together with Social Media, reporting of the sheer size and horror of crisis is banned, giving the public an entirely false view of the drug's safety. Most BBC viewers are completely unaware that there have been any deaths from Covid Vaccines much less that they have killed over 1500 people in just six months. Their supposed 'impartiality' is nowhere to be seen.

This doesn't come as any surprise to regular readers of Vision News. Whilst ignoring vaccine deaths it has focused on vilifying those it calls 'anti-vaxxers' running endless propaganda pieces implying they are all thick, conspiracy theorists. They have even gone so far as to deny that any of the deaths are related to the vaccine. The BBC articles on Vaccines are little more than infomercials for big pharma, paid for by Bill Gates. The suppression of information on risks involved with taking the vaccine has potentially put the public at risk. Ironically, their actions may have contributed to Ms Shaws death at the age of just 44.

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Ros T
Ros T
Dec 11, 2022

Never mind, following the ‘Zones’ in Oxford and soon Canterbury, to be followed by the rest of the country (unless we wake up) there will be built or adapted ‘Quarantine Camps‘ or ‘Correctional Facilities’ or whatever cuddly name ‘they’ come up with - where all of us who have ‘wrong think’ or refuse a jab, will be sent until we see the error of our ways.

They are being based on the Chinese style camps, where drones boom out messages all day and film all night in case anyone escapes (hardly likely with bars at the window).

For vehicles to enter Zones they will have to display QR codes - red, you will be turned back (code readers will be…

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