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WHO Warns Summer Festivals Could Spread MONKEYPOX

Here we go again.

The World Health Organisation has warned that summer festivals and mass gatherings could accelerate the spread of monkeypox as technocrats attempt to scare us once again into restrictions in the name of stopping the spread of a virus.

Monkeypox cases in the UK, where the virus first arrived thanks to a Nigerian bringing it into the country, have more than doubled, it was revealed today. At least nine other countries around the world have also reported suspected cases of the virus, which can cause severe illness in young children, pregnant women, and individuals who are immunocompromised.

Clusters of cases have been observed in homosexual men, but this is being played down by the media and the WHO in the same way that HIV was in the 1980s. According to Sky News, “Exactly what is driving the UK’s largest outbreak is a mystery,” especially as health experts previously asserted that Monkeypox wasn’t very transmissible amongst humans, with some speculating it has mutated.

Now the World Health Organisation is warning that summer festivals and mass gatherings could accelerate the spread of monkeypox. “As we enter the summer season in the European region, with mass gatherings, festivals and parties, I am concerned that transmission could accelerate, as the cases currently being detected are among those engaging in sexual activity, and the symptoms are unfamiliar to many,” said Dr Hans Kluge, WHO regional director for Europe.

The virus has appeared at a very convenient time for the WHO as they prepare to secure power over national governments with their 'international pandemic treaty'. The timing leads some to believe that this is a cynical attempt by the WHO to push reluctant leaders into signing the treaty.

According to critics, the treaty would, “give the unelected WHO greater control of national emergency healthcare decisions and new powers to push vaccine passports, global surveillance, and “global coordinated actions” that address “misinformation” whenever it declares a “health emergency.” Of course, all those fears will be dismissed as “misinformation” by WHO-aligned ‘fact checkers’ any day now but by then the treaty will be signed.

The Nigerian CDC is urging its citizens to stop eating ‘bush meat’ – which includes monkeys and rats – in order to halt the spread of the virus. The NHS in the UK has also posted a message on its website urging people to not touch or consume ‘bush meat’, which is available on the black market in 'ethnically diverse' areas of London.

Expect the narrative to change on this if there is any further value to the scare. Referring to it coming from Africa, brought in by Nigerians, or that bush meat is a vector will no doubt be declared 'racist'. Whilst you can expect the fact that it is predominately spread by gay men to be replaced by the false narrative that we are all equally at risk, exactly the same lie used for the AIDS pandemic.

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