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Who Exactly WILL Take Responsibility For Injecting Children With Unnecessary Experimental Drugs?

Is it really at the child's own risk? Is every adult in their life, from GP to Teacher going to shrug their shoulders and say 'not my responsibility'?

The BBC have continued vilifying the campaigners currently protesting outside schools that are administering the covid vaccine on their premises. The toxic broadcaster painting the protesters as conspiracy theorists in a way that they never would for a cause they agreed with.

The protesters have been forced to campaign outside schools where the vaccine programme is now being administered because they have had no other option. The government have refused a debate on the ethics or safety of a mass-vaccination programme targeted at children for an illness they don't suffer, whilst actively covering-up the number of deaths caused by the jab. Social media companies like Youtube, Twitter and Facebook won't allow any mention of vaccine deaths, and even a hint that they're not a perfectly safe miracle cure and drug company funded 'fact-checkers' will claim that the truth is 'misinformation'. Even reading directly from the Government's Yellow Card reporting system will get you banned. You are allowed to parrot Government propaganda about vaccines and that is all. Faced with such a huge state-sponsored machine against them, protestors have little if any choice but to campaign outside schools.

Schools are now the epicentre for this medical tyranny. School Heads have allowed their premises to be used for the injecting of an experimental drug for an illness that they don't suffer from that we know will kill 3 children for every one that it supposedly saves. The protestors know that very well, many of them are parents with children in the school they're protesting outside, they're worried parents, not tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists.

The schools involved have predictably attacked the protestors, calling the police, running to the papers and writing to parents claiming that the protestors are bullying and frightening the children. A bit rich to say the least when they have done exactly that to cajole kids into having the jab in the first place. Teachers have almost exclusively claimed that they are 'just doing their job' and that they hold no responsibility for Injecting children. They may have turned their premises into modern day gas chambers but are just "following zee orders". Likewise, the nurse who is giving the jab takes no responsibility for it. The Royal College of Nursing gained indemnity for its members earlier this year when people started dying. The Government assured them that they, like the teachers, weren't responsible.

Given that those bullying kids into having the vaccine and those actually administering the vaccine cannot be held responsible for any adverse events then we surely must look further afield. Somebody MUST take responsibility for the vaccine. It is a basic principle of healthcare that all medical interventions, from giving a plaster, to open-heart surgery, has to have an ultimate responsible person assigned to it. The NHS once had strict rules about record keeping and no intervention could be documented without a responsible person assigned to it. This didn't mean the person named actually performed the task, but they were the one that, in law, would ultimately take responsibility for it. In general, medical interventions done in the community were the responsibility of the patients GP, whilst in a hospital it was the Consultant who held that position. But GPs rolled up their shutters the moment the pandemic was declared and we've not seen them since. They too, like nurses, have denied responsibility, seeking indemnity from the Government before a single injection was given.

To recap, it's not the teacher, nurse or GP that can be held responsible, but surely the drug company can be held responsible? No, of course not. all of the pharmaceuticals companies involved lobbied the government for total indemnity, and were granted it without any discussion whatsoever, meaning they were free to make the product as experimental, and as dangerous, as they liked, knowing that there was no comeback. The vaccine can be as useless or as deadly as they like, drugs companies are free to churn out anything, however dangerous, knowing that nobody will face criminal charges as a result. And share prices can only go up.

Teachers, Nurses, GPs, Consultants, Scientists and Drug Company Execs are all exempt from responsibility. That only leaves the Government themselves as the responsible office, the Orwellian, murdering, technocratic government who started this in the first place. A government who have claimed that there is a killer plague on the loose, have placed 68 million people under house arrest for being healthy and who, ultimately have lied repeatedly about vaccines. Chris Whitty and his fellow psychopaths and SAGE are not about to have some moral epiphany those who ultimately should face justice will most likely walk away without so much as a warning. Where's the justice in that?

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