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WEF Critics Could be Permanently Silenced by 'Disinformation' Laws

The World Economic Forum are to see to it that you can't question them or anything they do.

The World Economic Forum don't like criticism. Say anything negative about Klaus Schwab and his cronies online and social media algorithms will automatically shadow-ban those posts, if not your entire account.

But that isn't enough for Schwab who is now pushing for governments to make it law that his critics are permanently silenced. Several Governments, including UK, US, Canada and the EU are planning 'Online Safety' Bills, that are sold as a way of protecting the public for unspecified 'harm'. In reality the Bills, which just happen to be the same despite being devised by sovereign governments, shut down dessent.

As part of the DAVOS annual meeting the WEF has published a report on what it describes as “misinformation and disinformation” claiming that this is one of the top “risks” to its plans for the next two decades.

The terms “misinformation and disinformation” are a tool used devised by the WEF and used by governments, and social media companies, as an excuse to censor information and stifle free speech. But the WEF want you to believe that any criticism of the Great Reset is as bad as war, famine, or plague.

Any criticism of the WEF's plans will automatically get labelled as 'misinformation or disinformation' as before but the social media companies will be legally bound to take down the post and issue punitive measures against the author. This is only part of the WEFs push to control the internet entirely.

The future, as forecast by the group, sees tech as one of the central targets for state intervention and for what it refers to as “stronger industrial policies.”

Never ones to shy from throwing buzzwords around in their write ups, the WEF mention things like “AI” and “quantum computing” – as well as biotechnology – as those sectors that are projected to grow because of both state (i.e., military) and private money invested via research and development.

The scary dystopian future of actual AI, biotech, and “quantum computing” gaining prominence and more and more money invested into is described in the report as a “partial solution to a range of emerging crises, from addressing new health threats and a crunch in healthcare capacity, to scaling food security and climate mitigation.”

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