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Was Dominic Cummings Right After All? Scientific Consensus Now Says Yes

The World Health Organisation are now intimating that the way out of the lockdown is the very thing Cummings pushed for in the beginning.

In the last few days the message has become clear, the only way to beat the virus is by herd immunity, with researchers now saying the pandemic won’t be under control until at least 2/3rds of the global population is immune. This follows The Center for Infectious Diseases Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota suggesting that COVID-19 could come back in waves that could last well beyond 2022. We CANNOT stay in lockdown for another TWO YEARS, so the sooner we reach the 2/3rd immunity target the shorter the pandemic’s duration.

Herd Immunity was the original proposal of Dominic Cummings who has been attending the weekly SAGE meetings much to the anger of some at the Guardian. It now appears that the scientific consensus has come round to Cummings' way of thinking and are facing up to the realisation that the current approach has not only not worked, but has also been disastrous in terms of the economy, with Briton losing millions of pounds every hour of the day and night.

We cannot live our lives for the foreseeable future as hermits. If house arrest is such a successful response to multiple deaths why not put us under it for flu; road deaths; obesity or any other cause of multiple deaths that could be avoided by being imprisoned? The precedence has now been set, so for anything the government wants to stop 'for the greater good' a lockdown could be imposed. This could be the real 'new normal'.

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