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Vaccine Watch: Over 2 MILLION ADVERSE EVENTS reported in U.S. for 'Safe and Effective' Covid Jab

United States official figures show over two million adverse events with more reported every day.

The U.S. system reports

Even more shocking are the numbers of adverse events involving children and young adults in what is still being called a 'safe and effective' drug.

5-17 Age Group

44975 Total reports

3310 Hospitalisations

4620 ER Visits

91 Deaths

384 Permanently Disabled

1,238 Myocarditis

It is widely accepted by experts that these figures only represent a fraction of the true number. Due to doctors having to report adverse events in their spare time, together with a cognitive bias that prevents clinicians associating the vaccine causing any illness whatsoever, the real figure is likely to be many times larger. Experts suggest that the above figures are only 10% of actual events.

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