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Vaccine Watch: Denmark Bans Covid Jab for Under 50s

Danish Health Authority issues ban on vaccinating the under 50s but doesn't explain why.

Denmark will bar under 50 from receiving more mRNA Covid jabs, the Danish Health Authority announced yesterday. Danes under 50 will only be allowed to receive the shots if they are “higher risk of becoming severely [emphasis added] from Covid-19.” the announcement said. Denmark had already ended Covid shots for nearly everyone under 18. The new rules go much further.

The Danish Health Authority has not yet defined those groups, but they will likely include only a handful of people, such as those receiving cancer treatments that suppress their immune systems.

Denmark did not explicitly say the risks of mRNA jabs now outweigh their benefits for healthy people under 50. But that view is implicit in the announcement, which does not merely discourage but actually bans shots for those people, even though Denmark expects “a large wave of [Covid] infection” in the next few months.

Experts report Denmark now believes most people are better off getting the coronavirus than taking more mRNA.

The Danish move is particularly significant because Denmark has an excellent national health care system and has aggressively collected data on Covid and vaccines.

Denmark was among the first countries to stop giving Covid shots to healthy children and teenagers. Now other European countries are beginning to follow, with Britain ending mRNA shots for almost all children 10 and under.

In yesterday’s announcement of the new policies, Denmark explicitly dropped any effort to halt the spread of the coronavirus and said that it will focus only on protecting people at very high risk:

'We expect that a large part of the population will become infected with covid-19 during the autumn, and we therefore want to vaccinate those having the highest risk so that they are protected from severe illness.'

The 'fact-checkers' are trying to play down the announcement but this is significant in the fight against vaccine mandates and jab safety.

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