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Vaccine Watch: 8000 More Deaths than Average in Just Two Months Can't be Explained by Covid

People are dying in unprecedented numbers, so why is nobody asking what the hell is going on but us?

There were another 1,540 excess deaths in England and Wales registered in the week ending June 24th, the most recent week for which data are available. That is to say over 1500 unexpected deaths over the average. An average that includes the deaths from Covid in the last 2 years. whilst people are dying at an unprecedented rate the media, and the government, are actively looking the other way.

This shocking statistic is according to the latest update from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), released on Tuesday. This is 16.6% above the five-year average. an average that now supposedly includes all Covid deaths. Of these new deaths, 285 were registered ‘with Covid’ and 166 as due to Covid as underlying cause, leaving a staggering 1,374 from a different underlying cause.

This brings to 7,840 the total number of non-Covid excess deaths since April 29th, which appears to be the start of the spike. Of these, a large proportion are occurring in the home, leading to calls for an urgent investigation into why thousands more people are dying than would be expected, despite Covid death numbers staying low.

7,840 the total number of non-Covid excess deaths since April 29th

Were these nearly 8000 unexplained deaths from Covid then you can bet your bottom dollar they'd be headline news. But as these deaths can't be readily attributed to the supposed killer-cold, the media have collectively turned a blind eye. It is unsurprising that the BBC haven't covered the deaths, given that they continue to receive millions of dollars from the Bill Gates Foundation. Social media giants also won't allow any mention of them, not least because they too have been bought off by the Pharmaceuticals industry.

Joe Public is actively and purposefully kept in the dark and, unless they seek out the truth, they assume no news is good news. But nothing could be further from the truth. The NHS, together with self-appointed 'fact-checkers', maintain that these vaccines are 'safe and effective' and not the cause of the sudden and inexplicable rise in deaths. How have they come to this conclusion? Simple; they asked the manufactures if their product was killing people and what do you know? They have stated they're not. No independent analysis, no independent studies, just a blanket statement that they can find no evidence that Covid vaccines cause any type of adverse events.

They 'can't find' the evidence because they haven't looked.

Allowing big pharma to mark their own homework is ridiculous, and attempting to palm it off as fact is criminal. Pfizer's own studies showed clearly that their mRNA vaccine maimed and killed people, but released it anyway, waved through by the 'safety' experts. The FDA, working hand in hand with the Pharmaceuticals giant helped to cover-up the evidence, announcing they wouldn't release the data to the public for 75 years. It took a federal judge to order them to release the data before we got to hear the truth. And what do you know? The mRNA vaccines ARE dangerous, and have the potential to kill.

Whilst the evidence is there, hiding in plain sight, the media continue to act dumb. A recent article by Michael Simmons appeared in the Spectator asking what is behind the surge in deaths at home and he briefly considered the possibility that vaccines may be involved, only to then dismiss it:

Might the rise in at-home deaths be linked to the Covid vaccines? A paper by BMJ Editor Peter Doshi is doing the rounds saying that in trials the jab’s side effects hospitalised more than the virus. But the data wasn’t actually that clear cut. Sir David Speigelhalter, a statistician from Cambridge, points out that the study “only considers Covid hospitalisation during the trials themselves, which covered only around two months at a time of low Covid. The true benefit of vaccines extend far beyond this period, so the harm/benefit comparison used in this study seems entirely inappropriate”. He doesn’t think the Doshi paper will pass peer review.

Meanwhile the rest of the media is distracted by pseudo-wars in Ukraine and the political antics of Boris Johnson and co. The shouts of 'look over here' getting ever louder the higher the piles of dead bodies go.


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