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Vaccine 'Refuseniks' No Better Than Drink Drivers Says Andrew Lloyd Webber

Westend Ditty Merchant Andrew Lloyd Webber says Vaccine refuseniks are no better than drink drivers.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s World at One programme, Lloyd Webber called for people to consider how ‘vaccine refusal affects others’. The multimillionaire musical impresario showed his contempt for ‘the little people’ by likening their freedom of choice to some sort of criminal act as if there is a direct comparison.

Looking increasingly like a Yankee Candle that should have been thrown out, Lloyd Webber didn’t let knowing absolutely nothing about the probability of infection stop him from offering up his opinion on people not wanting the vaccine which the BBC supported by repeating on all of its other news channels.

Lloyd Webber has been unable to stage any Musicals since Covid Restrictions came in, which clearly has angered him, but the focus of that anger is not on the government, SAGE, or Public Health who forced the lockdowns, but on those people who refuse to take a medical procedure that they don’t need and don’t want. Exercising control over one's own body isn’t an idea liked by Lloyd Webber who expects everyone to do for the state, like some Marxist Dystopia, well, anything as long as he can stage more musicals, the dickhead.

Lloyd Webber, who has committed far worse crimes against humanity than anyone refusing a vaccine, (have you seen Cats?) probably needs to wind his (scraggy) neck in. 'My body my choice' as Katie Hopkins would say. Besides, if you can’t see a Lloyd Webber show if you haven’t had a vaccine that’s all the more reason not to have one.

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