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US Government Extends COVID-19 'Public Health Emergency' Powers Again

We didn't say it was over...

The federal government on Thursday extended its COVID-19 emergency for another 90 days despite President Joe Biden declaring the pandemic “over” only weeks earlier.

Biden, reading from autocue said that “a public health emergency exists and has existed since January 27, 2020, nationwide,” and it will continue to remain in effect, clearly forgetting that he had said it was over only a few weeks ago.

At the time the emergency powers were granted commentators warned that, history tells us that once a government grants itself new powers it never willingly lets them go, proving to be chillingly accurate.

The declaration enabled for the emergency authorization of COVID-19 vaccines, testing, and treatments and impose the most draconian measures on the people ever inflicted. The powers gave the government the ability to control the public like never before, all under the excuse of 'health and safety'.

Some Republicans have called on the White House to rescind the public emergency, while Biden and Democrats have asked Congress to pass more COVID-19-related spending bills.

During a September interview, Biden declared that the “pandemic is over,” which prompted White House officials to scramble to try and re-frame what the president had said.

Immediately after he made that comment, unnamed administration officials told the Washington Post that his remark would now make it harder to push COVID-19 vaccines and booster shots. It came on the heels of approvals signed off by the Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on updated booster vaccine doses made by Pfizer and Moderna.

The White House has said it would provide 60 days notice before it ends the public health emergency, said to appease the public, but there is no sign that these powers will ever be rescinded.

The federal government is reportedly about to award themselves even more powers to 'help' with the 'climate emergency' giving agencies the power to perform blackouts; banning of vehicle use; thermostat regulation; lockdowns on days of high Co2, and a raft of other measures suddenly needed to avert the apocalypse. The Covid Emergency is being seen as a test to see how far the government can go, but they now know that, when it comes to averting the apocalypse, there is no limit.

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