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UN Plans for 'Permanent Emergency Powers' to be Finalised by September 2024

One World Government needed for 'complex global shocks'.

The UN is set to outline its plan to secure emergency powers that would allow the global body to lead a “common agenda” for all nations during any “complex global shocks” such as a new pandemic.

The Federalist reports that the plan is to be finalised at a September 2024 ‘Summit of the Future,’ where the UN will adopt a ‘Pact for the Future,’ to include policies that have been outlined in the globalist body’s ‘Our Common Agenda‘ report.

One such policy is an “emergency platform” during any events that have a global impact that would provide the UN the authority to “actively promote and drive an international response that places the principles of equity and solidarity at the centre of its work.” These, as yet unspecified events, will of course be called by the UN themselves, just as they did with the Pandemic.

The report notes that some details of the emergency platform were outlined in a paper from March with the UN secretary-general declaring:

“I propose that the General Assembly provide the Secretary-General and the United Nations system with a standing authority to convene and operationalize automatically an Emergency Platform in the event of a future complex global shock of sufficient scale, severity and reach.”

The paper gives several examples of what could trigger the emergency authority, including:

  • Major climate event

  • Future pandemic risks

  • Global digital connectivity disruption

  • major event in outer space

  • Unforeseen risks (black swan events)

It goes on to suggest that it would then have the power to 'oversee' stakeholders of the world including:

  • Academics

  • Governments

  • Private sector actors

  • Financial institutions

These would be needed to ensure there is a "unified, global response to whatever crisis is declared."

The paper further suggests that such authority would “Ensure that all participating actors make commitments that can contribute meaningfully to the response and that they are held to account for delivery on those commitments.”

It also states that while the emergency authority would have an initial finite lifespan, the UN would be able to extend it indefinitely if it saw fit to do so.The Federalist report notes that the Biden Administration has backed the proposal, prompting reporter Justin Haskins to warn that “If the emergency platform is approved, the United States as we know it could cease to exist.”



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