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UK Police: “Being Offensive is an Offence” Message In New Free-Speech Crackdown

Merseyside Police have proudly displayed their latest Orwellian campaign against free speech with a huge mobile billboard proclaiming "Being offensive is an offence" accompanied by a police force badge incorporated into an LGBTQ flag.

Over the weekend, the mobile electronic billboard was parked outside an Asda supermarket for the force PR campaign. In a twitter post they claimed: “Merseyside Police stand with and support the LGBTQI+ community, we will not tolerate hate crime on any level. Come and speak to #TeamBeb.

But the billboard received a huge backlash, with many people pointing out that it is, in fact, 'not a criminal offence to be offensive'.

Merseyside Police received so much negative press over their Orwellian poster that they were forced to retract the statement saying: “being offensive is not in itself an offence.”

they go on to say that the ad was intended to “encourage people to report hate crime” and “although well intentioned was incorrect and we apologise for any confusion this may have caused.” that, in itself, is subjective. A brush-up on basic UK law may have been a good idea before putting false statements in huge letters on the side of a van.

It also appears that Merseyside police have learned nothing from neighbouring forces who tried to imposed similar rules that were not, in fact laws at all, merely the wet-dreams of LGBT activists. There still appears to be a huge discrepancy between what is actual UK law, and what the Police think is in UK law.

This is nothing new of course, as we reported previously, British Police have been increasingly politicised with Marxist ideologies. Police impartiality is a thing of the past.

Merseyside police have not taken down the poster, and are still recording 'non-crime hate incidents' as if they were crimes. But Merseyside police must be congratulated on the clean-up rate on knife crime and burglary as presumably they must have all been solved to spend any time on this bollocks.

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