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UK Government Secretly Tracked Phones of Vaccinated to See if they 'Changed Behaviour'

But Covidians don't care they're being tracked, or helping bring about a dystopian nightmare.

Millions in the UK were continually tracked by their own phones, without their knowledge, after receiving a vaccine, a report claims. Phone users were being tracked for a government study into how their movements changed after receiving a jab. Data from one in ten people's phones in Britain was tracked in February, scientists reportedly admitted. Privacy campaigners branded it a "chilling" use of personal data.

According to The Telegraph, the cellphone data was used by researchers at Oxford University, who were carrying out studies for the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviours (SPI-B). The group advises the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) on psychological warfare. Dressing it up as some type of social study when the reality is a sickening mix of unlawful snooping, propaganda, fear mongering and psychological techniques copied from the CIA and East Germany's STASI.

Oxford experts reportedly had access to cellphone mobile data for one in ten of the British population and were able to work out those in the data who had received the jab, just from their activity. They then are said to have tracked the vaccinated group by using call data records and monitoring locations for the week before and after the individuals' jabs, to see whether a change in movement could be detected.

By comparing the movements of the jabbed population they monitored against a control group the scientists found that their 'average pre-vaccination mobility increased by 218 metres, the newspaper reported.'

A government source told the newspaper that people were not tracked at an individual level, that the data was anonymised, and it was not possible for scientists to identify the people who were monitored. They added that it was GPS tracing, and said the study was approved by an Oxford University ethics committee. However, Vision News has learned that, for this process to work, it HAS to go down to individual level, with GPS tracking being able to locate the victim within 1.5 to 2 metres. Privacy campaigners have called Oxford University's 'ethics committee' either 'gullible' or 'despicable' for allowing this to go ahead. Silkie Carlo, spokesman for Big Brother Watch, told the Telegraph: "No one expects that by going to get a vaccine they will be tracked and monitored by their own Government. This is deeply chilling and could be extremely damaging to public trust in medical confidentiality." adding "Between looming Covid passports and vaccine phone surveillance, this Government is turning Britain into a Big Brother state under the cover of Covid. This should be a wake up call to us all."

A Government spokesman told the newspaper: "All the data sets used in this research are set out in the paper which makes clear that the mobile phone location data used is GDPR-compliant and has been provided from a company that collected, cleaned, and anonymised the data." "The data is at cell tower rather than individual level and the researchers were granted access to the dataset under a research contract with ethical approval provided to the researchers from the University of Oxford, working on behalf of SPI-B". Sounds an awful lot like unscrupulous people marking their own homework doesn't it?

SAGE have been tracking your mobile data throughout the pandemic, even if you haven't downloaded the App or had a vaccine. Vision News reported last year that GCHQ in Cheltenham had gained access to the four main mobile phone networks and were monitoring movements in realtime to see if people were adhering to lockdowns. Effectively turning the entire resources of the Ministry of Defence digital operation to spy on its own people. It also emerged that not only were they looking at the data in real time, but that they had analysts in 10 Downing street giving Boris Johnson regular updates on public 'compliance' of lockdown rules.

Nobody signed-up for this dystopian bollocks, it's not in your mobile phone contract that you give the rights for your whereabouts to be seen by the authorities at all times of the day and night. At least if it was only via the Track and Trace App you could effectively opt out of the study by simply refusing to download the app, but the fact that they're monitoring location and movement (and a whole load of other data points from where you frequent to who you associate with) by directly plugging in to you mobile network is truly astonishing.

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