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UK Government's Christmas Terrorism

Scientists are urging people across the UK to 'think carefully before they take advantage of the relaxation of restrictions' over Christmas. Government adviser Prof Andrew Hayward says family gatherings are a "recipe for regret" for people, but the torture of elderly people banned from any human contact with their family for 9 months in their twilight years 'perfectly ok'.

The UK's devolved administration agree a Christmas truce and reluctantly agree UK-wide rules to allow families to meet over five days next month. Though the changes will begin a day earlier and last a day longer in Northern Ireland to allow for travel in a petty defiance of westminster, Sturgeon and Drakeford wishing they'd thought of that.

Three households will be allowed to be in each other's homes between 23-27 December but for those five days there will be a further 25 days will be added on to the end of our sentence.

Government's plans will not include pubs and restaurants as hospitality venues remain targets of spurious rules. Currently, some 200 pubs and eateries are permanently closing every week with some critics saying the government should be forced to show charts on the type of economic destruction in the same way they do about people with tickly-coughs.

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