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UK Government IGNORE "Moral Argument" as VACCINE PASSPORTS Start Next Week

Author: Darren Birks

Pubs are a misdirection, it doesn't matter what they're required for, that app is going on your phone.

Vision News originally reported Vaccine Passports would come to the UK a year ago. At the time the report was labelled a "conspiracy theory" and dismissed by the Covidian Mob who have believed everything the Government have told them. Since that initial report we've brought you the internal document from July last year telling government how they can avoid the moral and legal issues around the vaccine passport, as well as the Government's business tender from the technology companies who have been contracted to produce the Vaccine Passport app. Whilst we brought you this evidence the government repeatedly denied they were even thinking about vaccine passports.

As recently as December the UK Government were still denying the plan. Micheal Gove said the UK Government "is not planning to issue vaccine passports to people who have had a coronavirus jab".

As Brits were ordered into a third lockdown, supposedly to counter Christmas day festivities (or was it more deadly variants?) there was a subtle change in government propaganda. Then they admitted that they were thinking about vaccine passports, but had to 'work through all the moral implications of such a plan'.

In February Boris Johnson said on the issue; the UK "cannot be discriminatory against those people who are unable to take a Covid vaccine." and claimed there would be a “proper review” into Covid passports, led by Michael Gove, who will look at the “moral, philosophical, ethical viewpoints on it” . Johnson did his sincere face and said there were “deep and complex issues” over vaccine passports, knowing full well that they would implement them regardless.

Now those 'moral, philosophical and ethical' issues that were so important before appear to have been overcome, or totally fucking ignored, as Vaccine Passport implementation starts tomorrow.

PUBS and Restaurants were a misdirection, implying that they would be included, whipping up a media storm over the issue, only to declare that they wouldn't be included has made in appear like Vaccine Passports have been scrapped. They haven't. Far from it. Pubs have been another misdirection, it now appears like the UK government have been 'defeated' and that Covid Passports will not be implemented. All of the useful idiots have been calling this 'a victory for common sense' when it isn't a victory at all. Vaccine Passports are still going to be deployed for many things, sports events, music and comedy venues and nightclubs. the end game is forced participation, if they 'concede' pubs then that's really no big thing, all international travel and all entertainment will still be vehicles for the passports so Pubs, if they were ever in the frame, are irrelevant to the overall plan.

The moral issue is now forgotten, as Boris Johnson steams ahead with Vaccine Passports and nobody from the mainstream media has even raised the issue. The BBC, who got the original soundbite from the PM seem to have conveniently forgotten that there were 'massive moral and legal issues overcome before any sort of vaccine passport could be issued'. These are in the bin. But then Johnson has railroaded all of the Covid response through without so much as a nod towards democracy, civil liberty or the rule of law. He runs the country by diktat. Anyone who thinks that Vaccine Passports are acceptable to get the country running again clearly has no idea what is going on. This is likely the opener to a digital identity system which will give the government never seen before control over you, akin to Communist China's Social Credit system, don't say we didn't warn you.

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