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Twitter is Blatantly Trying to Manipulate Italy's Election by Hiding all Videos of Giorgia Meloni

Twitter has changed its Algorithm to block any videos of Giorgia Meloni whilst promoting her left-wing opponents.

Twitter is suppressing video searches for Giorgia Meloni, who was this week elected as Italy’s first woman Prime Minister, reports Reclaim the Net.

At the time of writing, when Twitter users type her name in the search bar and choose “Videos” no results come up. An archive of the search captured the censorship here.

“No results for “‘Giorgia Meloni’” Twitter says.

They go one to report:

The Twitter blockade follows YouTube saying it made an error when it deleted a video of Meloni’s family values speech. Giorgia Meloni is the head of the conservative populist Brothers of Italy party and won her race to become Prime Minister last Sunday.

Twitter have previously denied they meddled in elections, though have been found, repeatedly, to have done so. Many experts say that Twitter manipulated the US election, colluding with the Democrats to have Joe Biden installed in the White House.

The whole world saw what a blatant lie that was when they banned just couldn't contain themselves and banned Donald Trump from their platform entirely.

Whilst Youtube only reinstated the video of Giorgia Meloni after Fox News shamed them into doing so. Here is the speech, so 'dangerous', that Twitter deny it exists.

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