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Twitter Allows Death Threats for JK Rowling but Bans Oxford Professor's Covid Tweet as 'Fake News'

They are out of control.

Last week Professor Carl Heneghan, Professor of Evidence Based Medicine at Oxford University was banned by social media company Twitter. His crime? posting a link to his colleague’s study about the U.K.’s unreliable way of measuring Covid deaths.

Heneghan is the very definition of an expert. A Professor of medicine at one of the world's top Universities. The study he and his team produced merely highlighting the jumbled mess that NHS departments have made out of counting Covid deaths. He doesn't offer any theories about the virus, its origins, the vaccines or anything else controversial in the tweet, yet twitter deems his study to be Fake News banning him from the platform. The Professor must have been wondering where his CV was lacking compared to that of some pimply-faced youth in silicon valley whose knowledge and expertise in all things medical trumped that of his own.

Meanwhile, Twitter has repeatedly refused to remove a death threat against author J.K. Rowling by some gender-bending loon whose psychotic ravings are in the form of a nauseating 'song'. The thing calls itself a 'Trans campaigner ' going by the name of Faye ‘Trust Fund Ozu’ (why are they always shit names?) with the 'song' featuring the death threats titled “J.K. Rowling diss track”.

The video sees the singer against an animated backdrop with vocals about “killing TERFS” [Trans exclusionary radical feminists] and “J.K. hope you fit in a hearse”.

The Harry Potter novelist posted screen grabs of the song on Twitter and wrote: “I’m afraid I can’t give a shout out to everyone promising to murder me – there are so many of you, and I’m a busy woman – but this one deserves a mention for the nineties rave vibe.”

Actor James Dreyfus reported the activist’s post on Twitter, but the social media platform failed to uphold the complaint over the alleged threat as it hadn’t “broken its safety policies”.

Dreyfus tweeted the response and said: “Surprise, Surprise! So, death threats = Good. Saying ‘women are women’ = Bad. Congratulations Twitter Support. You’ve hit rock bottom. Seek help.”

The quicker that Elon Musk launches a free-speech alternative to Twitter the better.

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