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Tucker Carlson Exposed WEF 'Bugs as Food' Agenda Just Days Before Being Fired

Journalist has upset some very powerful people this year.

Just days before he was removed from Fox News, Tucker Carlson put out an exposé on the efforts of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum to change the diets of people worldwide from meat to bugs.

Carlson's termination came entirely out of the blue according to his team. The seasoned journalist was preparing for that night's show when he was informed by Fox execs that he was fired. Tucker Carlson has been the most successful and popular anchor on any US network and the biggest talent Fox has ever had.

However, it was only a matter of time before they came for Carlson as this year alone he has exposed the January 6th Lies; The corruption of Pfizer; Climate Change Lies and the WEF's coming 'bugs' agenda.

Carlson was heavily promoting WEF special in the past few days:

The Tucker Carlson Originals Special was taken down moments before the Journalist was sacked, with all documents pertaining to it reportedly 'confiscated' by security staff before Carlson was escorted from the building.

According to reports, Rupert Murdoch personally took the decision to fire Carlson.

Murdoch is a regular Davos attendee, appearing practically every year and is said to be a personal friend of Klaus Schwab.


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