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Trump Takes Measured Action on Coronavirus

Trump’s decision to suspend all flights from Europe has been slated by his opponents in the latest outbreak of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Leftists have seized upon the act as some type of veiled ‘attack on Europe’ rather than a prudent measure after taking advice from the CDC.

The Guardian ran with ‘The EU has condemned Donald Trump’s unilateral ban on travel from 26 European countries as urgent efforts to contain the rapid spread of the coronavirus pandemic continued to upend daily life for millions of people around the world. In a joint statement on Thursday, the presidents of the European commission and European council defended Europe’s record in managing the pandemic and sharply criticised the White House for its failure to consult its allies.

Failed to consult its allies or didn’t ask permission?

The job of any country’s leader is to put the safety and prosperity of its people first. In the case of the United States that is 327 Million. Trump took careful advice from the CDC before taking this action and it is part of a series of measures that will be taken in the coming days. The EU need to concentrate on their own people before criticising Trump on how he protects his.

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