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Trump Derangement Syndrome & Coronavirus

“Hitler Never Took A Salary”

President Trump has donated his fourth quarter salary to the US Department of Health and Human Services this week in an effort to help fight the Coronavirus, sparking more people to suffer Trump Derangement Syndrome as anything he does draws automatic criticism from leftists. they took to Twitter to tweet their normal 'Orange man bad' attacks.

The donation of $100,000 is part of Trump’s promise to never take any salary while he is President. He has previously given away his salary to the Surgeon General’s office, border enforcement, and Veterans’ Affairs, to name but a few.

The Leftist twittermob were quick to use the normal slurs, name-calling and whataboutery in their attacks of Trump and within minutes someone used 'Hitler' just as Godwin's Law predicts.

Donald Trump Covin-19 image by White House -, Public Domain,

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