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Thousands March For Freedom in London as Police Snatch-Squads Arrest Organisers

Over ten thousand people were in central London again today protesting the 1984 style Coronavirus act that has stripped citizens of all their civil liberties.

Prior to the march Metropolitan police made a statement on Twitter suggesting people did not attend, there then followed a veiled threat that they would carry out the coronavirus law angering many who noted that they failed to do this for all the Black Lives Matter protests during the first lockdown.

At the event itself the protesters were peaceful, but organisers and those with placards were still targeted by police who made several arrests. A man dressed in a Father Christmas outfit was targeted for the message he carried on his placard, a message that challenged the Government's lies over the Pandemic.

Met police reported making 155 arrests in total, and were seen charging the protesters with batons drawn in what the BBC described as 'aggression and disruption' tactics.

Ch Supt Stuart Bell, policing commander for the event, said: "This was a challenging day for Met, City of London and British Transport Police officers and I would like to thank them for the professionalism they have shown throughout the day. he went on to say: "On Friday, we made it very clear how we would police this event, warning those looking to attend that they risked facing enforcement action if they attended a gathering in London.

"Today's enforcement action is a direct result of those individuals deliberately breaking the law and at times, targeting our officers with aggression and causing disruption to the road network." again, showing the police to be a politicised tool of the state.

Many took to Twitter and Youtube to abuse the freedom fighters, wishing various types of death and disaster to befall them not appreciating, or even comprehending, that those facing arrest and prosecution, were also fighting for their rights and freedoms too. They were gleefully enacting the "two minutes of sanctioned hate" characterised in Orwell's 1984, and THEY, and ONLY THEY, are the true Covidiots.

The real Covidiots

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