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This Patient's Response to a GP Survey Will Inspire You With Yours

Article from Lockdown Sceptics.

When Lockdown Sceptics reader Tracy van den Broek’s GP surgery sent her their patient survey, it’s probably safe to say they weren’t prepared for the robust response they got back. Here’s what she sent them instead of the completed questionnaire.

Thank you for sending the questionnaire. I see the questions are framed in such a way that you will be able to give information to the Government and media which will be used to assure “the public” that all is well at the GP surgery level for most people.

I am appalled by the fact that the NHS has become our “master” in the past year – and has become essentially a Covid-only service for much of the year. The distortions of the situation shown on the BBC have implied that insufficient capacity for annual seasonal demand is a new thing. Because of my connection with the hospital as a volunteer on the chaplaincy team for the past 10 years I happen to know that treating patients in the corridors and bed shortage are annual events.

That the measures designed to “protect the NHS” are actually causing incalculable misery amongst carers, disabled people, dementia sufferers, and even otherwise healthy widows and others who live alone, is entirely overlooked.

That in order to “protect the NHS” normal development of children of all ages is distorted is reprehensible. We are raising a generation who will see themselves and others as a bio-hazard. The thwarting of normal social development of teenagers (raising suicidal ideation amongst countless individuals) is nothing short of a disaster – the consequences of these measure will be evident in the lives of this generation long after most SAGE scientists are dead.

I am a carer for my 15 year-old with Down’s Syndrome. All our normal social events have been denied us, putting us under immense psychological pressure – and we are by no means unique. Amongst my wide circle of friends up and down the country – and random people I have engaged in conversation – I only know of one person under 80 who has died of Covid (and he had chronic heart-disease and was morbidly obese). I know fewer than 10 people who have had Covid – but they all recovered.

The NHS, in its inception, was designed to serve people. As a master it is tyrannical (controlling and coercive) and has devastated our nation in too many ways to calculate. We are all the subjects of a huge psychological experiment and we didn’t give our informed consent. This has to be illegal and I hope that someone will show it to be so in due course. I’m similarly unimpressed with my GP surgery – though as I stood in the airlock outside the empty waiting room in November, sobbing, the receptionist took pity on me and helped by getting a prescription for anti-depressants (which I’d requested a month earlier) signed by the GP who was sitting in his office somewhere in the building.

It all makes me more determined to do my best to take care of my own health through diet/exercise and alternative measures than follow the diktats of the pharmaceutical industry and its minions.

I most certainly do not have sufficient faith in this system to roll up my sleeve and become a guinea pig for a product which hasn’t passed through the normal, lengthy safety tests, and where the suppliers are indemnified.

Tracy isn’t having a good week. She adds:

Having been marched out of Costco last week (wearing my lanyard and in the company of my distressed 15 year-old daughter) because I wasn’t wearing a mask, I’m going to write to them too. I was told by the employee that it doesn’t matter that there is “exemption” allowed out there in the rest of the country, this was a privately owned company and this was their policy. I wondered whether I was on American territory when I was in there – and whether if they chose to require shoppers to stand on their heads, that would also be similarly enforceable.

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Also I happen to have experience of the irony the other commentator mentioned, Tracy has never in the past had a problem with stoping children from going to school, socialising with other children, or preventing them from having ‘normal development’, she has in fact worn it as a badge of honour.

I am a lockdown sceptic, but I have to say this opinion piece, when seated in the context of having being written by a mentally compromised and inconsistent person, does nothing but make me less of a sceptic.

If the people quoted for anti-lockdown positions are people who always were anti-establishment, and whose opinions are inconsistent, it somewhat removes weight and gravity from the anti-lockdown argument.

But feel free…


I happen to know the gentleman to whom Tracy is referring, to indicate that he is morbidly obese without having seen his chart is ironic coming from Tracy. To indicate that somehow he had it coming is both unkind and unintelligent.


And as regards the persons experience at Costco... I contacted Costco customer services, and was told that those who feel themselves unable to wear a mask will be required to wear a face shield instead. I bought some off eBay, £10 for 4. Simple.


Once the lockdown is over, does Tracy van den Broek propose that all children who were being homeschooled prior to lockdown should be sent to school...... a brief internet search shows she was a forerunner for home education.


Ironic, isn’t it, that this person is so dependant in nhs (pharmaceutical) anti depressants... and yet is going to protect themselves from covid by diet and exercise. Let’s hope they don’t get covid and end up receiving *gasp* drugs made by the pharmaceutical industry.

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