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This is What Really Happened in Sheffield

When the BBC focus on the victim and not the crime, you know they're hiding something.

At 2.06pm on Wednesday the 27th of December, police were called to a violent incident in Burngreave, a suburb of Sheffield, Yorkshire.

As yet unconfirmed: the violence reportedly involved two migrant families that were fighting in the street off Scott Road, Sheffield. Those involved were reportedly fighting a 'running battle' armed with sticks and micheties. A number of people were seriously injured and one person was left dead as one attacker allegedly mowed down the victim, using a large 4x4 or people carrier.

The victim, an innocent bystander who had rushed to help an injured woman, lay dead under the vehicle when emergency services turned up.

This was not a 'collision', this was a deliberate act of violence that left one person dead and several others seriously injured.

When paramedics arrived on scene they were allegedly attacked as well, again, this was not reported in the mainstream media.

The horrific scene left one person dead, a second fighting for their life and several more with life-changing injuries.

The Police report A 23-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder and another man, aged 55, has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. Both are in police custody. Senior Investigating Officer, DCI Andrew Knowles said: “We are now dealing with a murder investigation and understand the distress this will cause to those directly affected and the wider community."

Tarek Nayli, 49, came out of his home to see fighting, several injured people and neighbours telling him others were trapped under a car reports the Sheffield Star. He said: "When I came out, I found people all gathering around and people fighting." "One guy had a lot of blood on his face." He added: "I saw people fighting on that corner before the police came and the car was already there." "The whole neighbourhood was out."

Other neighbours said they believed the fighting had begun over a dispute between migrant families, but the man who died had come to help and was not involved in the disorder.


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